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Thread: swap magic pal or ntsc?

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    Default swap magic pal or ntsc?

    i want to buy swap magic, so i am wondering what is the difference between swap magic pal or ntsc

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    If living in North America you will probably want the NTSC this is the frame rate your tv displays the image at. So if you try playing a Pal DVD on a NTSC Television the image will be distorted.


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    PS2 region. If you try to use a NTSC version of SwapMagic on your PAL PS2, it will not work at all. Simple as that. Same goes for vice versa.

    You don't even have to worry about it being compatible with your TV's region, because if your PS2 works fine for your TV, then your SwapMagic has to work fine for your PS2. Not the TV.

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