Ive got here a list of my ps1, ps2 games(all ntsc). I am selling each one of them. Ive ran into issues which I thought I had under control but things just keep popping up for me. So with that said, Ive listed each game I have and I listed the defects they also have. I will mention every game that mentions any kinda of scratches was loaded up and played on my ps2. The games that didnt load I DID NOT even list. Shipping seems to average $3.50 for inside the us + I will ship in bubble mailers. $4.00 shipping seems fair to me for inside the u.s. All prices plus shipping $4.00

My paypal is askins2183@yahoo.com just make sure I still have what your looking for before sending
Also feel free to offer if my price isnt fair or whatnot Prices are all listed and again. Feel free to send offers

007 The World is not Enough (small scratches, crack on front case) $7
007 Tomorrow Never Dies (sticker on bind) $4
40 Winks (has scratches it plays, front case is cracked) $10

Akuji- The Heartless $10
Alien Trilogoy ( disc has small scrathches around it) $12
All Star Slammin D-Ball(sealed) $10
Alone in the dark- The New NIghtmare $17
Ape Escape (hook on front case broke) $20
Apocalypse $17
Area 51 (both hooks are broke, back case has crack) $6
Army Men 3d $5
Army Men- Air Attack $5
Army Men- Air Attack 2 (has peeled sticker mark on case) $8
Army Men- Green Rogue (circular scratches) $13
Army Men- World War- Land, Sea, Air $8
Assault Retribution (small scratches) $6

Baldies (sealed) $11
Beyond the Beyond $35
Blasto $20
Blood Omen- Legacy of Kain( circular scratches on around disc, middle of case is black cd tray) $20
Bomberman- Party Edition (front case clip broke, small scratches) $12
Broken Helix (sticker on bind) $7
Broken Sword 2- The Smoking Mirror ( crack on front case) $11
Bubsy 3d (front has broke clip) $15
Bugs Bunny- Lost in Time (small scratches) $22

C-12- Final Resistance (front case crack) $7
Cardinal Syn (small scratches, small crack on front case) $7
Casper (has scratches, it plays) $4
Chronicles of the Sword $10
Chrono Cross $12
Command and Conquer (crack on front case, discs look refurbished) $20
Command and Conquer- Red Alert ( both front and back come off I dont see why) $17
Courier Crisis $7
Creatures (price sticker on bind) $6
Croc (some fingerprints) $10
Croc 2 (small scratches) $10
Crusaders of Might and Magic (scratches around disc, sticker on bind) $8
Cyberia (crack on front case) $12

Darkstone $8
Deathtrap Dungeon (black cd tray, sticker on front case, small scratches around disc, the letters she written on disc above PS logo) $6
Dino Crisis (with resident evil 3 demo) $30
Dino Crisis 2 ( scratches around disc, black cd tray) $30
Donald Duck- Goin Quackers (small scratches around disc) $15
Dracula- The Last Sanctuary (sealed) $20
Dracula- The Resurrection $23
Driver (scratches around disc) $6
Driver 2 (crack on front case, disc 1 has some small scratches) $7

Epidemic (sticker on bind) $10
ET- Interplanetary Mission ( small scratches, side of front case broke) $8
Eternal Eyes (small circular scratches, works fine) $10
Excalibur 2555 A.D. (light scratches) $7

Fade to Black $8
Fear Effect $26
Final Fantasy 7 $25
Final Fantasy 8 $15
Final Fantasy 8 (front case has crack, also missing disc 1 not sure how) Just make an offer if your interested for some reason I still dont know how im missing disc 1
Final Fantasy 9 $15
Final Fantasy Anthology $12
Final Fantasy Chronicles (plastic wrap sealed) $16
Final Fantasy Chronicles (front case has two hairline cracks) $10
Final Fantasy Origins (small scratches around disc) $10
Final Fantasy Tactics $14
Frogger (some scratches around disc, front case crak and missing hook) $7
Front Mission 3 (sticker on bind, some small scratches) $25
Future Cop- LAPD $20

Galerians $30
Gauntlet Legends (finger print smudge) $10
Gex- Enter the Gecko $13
Guardians Crusade (crack on front case) $30
Granstream Saga ( smal scratch around disc) $20
Gubble $5

Heart of Darkness (both discs have been refurbished, stickers on case) $25
Hugo- The Evil Mirror (price sticker on bind) $10

In Cold Blood (sticker spots on front and back) $40
Incredible Crisis (small scratches) $15

Jersey Devil(has scratches, it plays) $25
Johnny Bazookatone (small scratches) $15
Jurassic Park- The lost World (refurbished) $11

Kingsleys Adventure (some smudges and a few small scratches, front cast has crack) $25

Largo Winch.//Command Sar $5
Legacy of Kain- Soul Reaver $12
Lemmings & Oh No More Lemmings $11
Loaded $20

Martian Gothic (refurbished) $12
M & Ms- Shellshocked $5
MDK (2 stickers on front, 2 stickers on back, scratches around disc) $10
Medal of Honor $5
Metal Gear Solid- VR Missions $15
Monkey Hero ( sticker on bind) $10
Mortal Kombat- Special Forces (manual is there but front page was cut, small scratches around disc) $13
Mortal Kombat Mythologies- Sub Zero $15
Ms. Pac-Man- Maze Madness (has a couple finger prints) $10
Myst $15

Nightmare Creatures (small scratches) $16
Nightmare Creatures 2 $23
Norse By Norsewest (sticker on bind) $25
Nuclear strike (scratches around disc, front case cracked and hook missing) $4

Oddworld- Abes Exodus (small circle scratches) $11
ODT- escape or Die Trying $8
One (hook is broke on front case, scratches all around disc but it plays) $3
Overblood $18

Pac Man World (small scratches) $6
Pandemonium $15
Parasite Eve (comes with squares demo disc) $25
Parasite Eve 2 (refurbished) $30
Phix the Adventure (crack on front case) $10
Pipe Dreams 3d (price sticker on bind) $7
Pitfall 3d- Beyond the Jungle (small scratches) $5
Planet of the Apes (case has small crack) $6
Po'ed (crack on front case) $18

Q-Bert $5

Rat Attack $5
Rayman (refurbished, front case cracked) $10
Reloaded $15
Resident Evil Directors Cut $18
Resident Evil 2 $35
Resident Evil 3- Nemesis (refurbished) $30
Resident Evil- Survivor (small scratches, sticker mark on front and back of case) $25
Riven $10
Road Rash 3d $5
Road Rash- Jailbreak $7
Roswell Conspiracies- Aliens, Myths, and legends $10

Shadow Madness (comes with jade demo disc) $15
Shadow Man $8
Sim City 2000 (small scratches, also I just found the sega saturn version behind the manual) $7
Sim Theme Park (sticker on bind) $8
Sol Divide (has sticker spot and crack on front case, small scratches) $17
Soviet Strike (small scratches) $7
Space Invaders $7
Spot Goes to Hollywood $10
Star Wars- Episode 1 Jedi Power Battles (couple small scratches) $5
Star Wars- Episode 1 The Phantom Menace (Scratches around disc) $5
Starwinder (smudge and couple small scratches) $6
SwagMan (some scratches around disc, Hook broke on front case) $9
Syphon Filter $6

Tai Fu- Wrath of the Tiger $15
Tail of the Sun (circular scratches case has 2 sticker spots, bind has broke plastic) $28
Tarzan $11
Tenchu- Stealth Assassins $8
Tenchu 2 $18
The Bombing Islands (small scratches) $5
The Crow- City of Angels (sticker on bind) $30
The Divide- Enemies Within (few fingerprints) $40
The Land Before Time- Return to the Great Valley ( small scratches around disc) $6
The Lion King- Simbas Mighty Adventure $8
The Simpsons Wrestling (small scratches, black cd tray) $10
The Unholy War (small scratches) $18
Theme Hospital $30
Theme Park $10
Tiny Toon Adventures- Pluckys Big Adventure (sealed but case is cracked and plastic wrap is coming off in a section) $5
Tomb Raider 2 (has a couple small scratches it plays, hairline crack on front case) $5
Tomb Raider 3 ( couple small scratches) $6
Tomb Raider- The Last Revelation $8
Toonenstein- Dare to Scare $9
Toy Story 2 (front case crack, scratches around disc) $5

Urban Chaos $10

Vigilante 8 (sealed) $35

Wild 9 (has smudge like on disc) $10
Worms- World Party (sticker mark on case, small scratches, hook gone front case) $5

X files (disc 3 has small mark from coming unhinged) $11
Xmen Mutant Academy (couple small scratches)$7
Xmen Mutant Academy 2 $17

Here are the ps2 games that I have. Just like the ps1 these prices will be negotiable.

.Hack- Infection (comes with bonus disc) $13
.Hack- Mutation (comes with bonus disc) $22

Ape Escape 2 (case has sticker on it, disc has some scratches) $14
Ape Escape 3 $22
Army Men- Soldiers of Misfortune (sealed) $7
Asterix & Obelix- Kick Buttix (small smudge) $5
Atelier Iris- Eternal Mana $22

Bad Boys- Miami Takedown $4
Bards Tale (one small scratch) $8
Ben 10- Alien Force (couple small scratches, manual was folded in half) $5
Bombastic (sticker on case, couple light scratches) $5
Brave- The Search for Spirit Dancer (sealed) $17
Breath of Fire- Dragon Quarter (some light scratches, srticker on case) $12
Bully $7

Chaos Wars (only opened cause I thought loose disc but was manual moving) $15
Cid the Dummy (smudge) $6
Cocoto Fishing Master (sealed) $5
Crash- of the Titans (couple light scratches) $7
Crash- Twinsanity $10

Dark Angel- Vampire Apocalypse (sticker mark) $9
Dark Cloud (fingerprint, sticker on front case) $10
Dark Cloud 2 $15
Dawn Of Mana (sticker on front case) $18
Destroy All Humans $7
Destroy All Humans 2 (sealed) $35
Deus Ex- The Conspiracy $8
Disgaea- Hour of Darkness (price sticker on case) $8
Diaster Report (some scratches on disc) $26
Dirge of Cerberus FF7 (price sticker on case) $13
Drakengard (price sticker on front case) $30
Dynasty Warriors 2 $7

Ecco The Dolphin- Defender of the Future $6
Ephemeral Fantasia (couple little fingerprint marks) $20
Evergrace (sticker on case, disc has smudges) $5
Extermination $10

Fallout- Brotherhood of Steel (price sticker on case) $26
Fatal Frame- (sticker mark on front case) $35
Final Fantasy 12 $7
Finny the Fish and the Seven Waters (sticker mark on front case) $8
Front Mission 4 (has price sticker on it) $10
Fullmetal Alchemist- and the Broken Angel $15

Galerians: Ash (sticker on case) $17
Garfield- Lasagna World Tour (sealed) $15
Genji- Dawn of the Samurai $6
Grandia Xtreme (some scratches on disc) $30
Grand Theft Auto- San Andreas (couple little scratches, smudge) $6
Grand Theft Auto- Vice City (sealed) $7
Grand Theft Auto- Vice City $5
Gun (price sticker on case) $6

Half-Life (some light scratches, price sticker on front case) $20
Harvest Moon- A Wonderful Life $10
Haven- Call of the King (price sticker on bind) $4
Herdy Gerdy (real small scratches) $5
Hunter the Reckoning- Wayward (fingerprint) $8

I-Ninja $10
Indigo Prophecy $13
Inuyasha- The Secret of the Cursed Mask (sticker on case) $7

Jak and Daxter- The Lost Frontier (sealed) $16
Jak X- Combat Racing $7

Kao- Round 2 the Kangaroo $8
Killzone (sticker on case) $5

Lapucelle Tactics (couple small scratches, price sticker on case) $7
Legaia 2- Duel Saga $13

Mafia (stickers on case) $5
Magna Carta- Tears of Blood (sticker on case)(just case,manual,artwork,disc) $25
Mana Khemia- Alchemists of Al-Revis $20
Manhunt (couple light scratches on disc, sticker on case) $8
Maximo- Army of Zin (sticker on front case) $15
Maximo- Ghosts to Glory (sticker on front case, some light scratches on disc) $6
Max Payne (couple scratches, sticker on case) $4
Max Payne 2- The fall of Max Payne (sticker on front case) $4
Megaman Anniversary Collection $7
Megaman X Collection (small scratches around disc, gamestop sticker) $7
Metal Saga $26
Metropolismania $8
Metropolismania 2 $9
Minority Report- Everybody Runs $5
Mission Impossible M:I- Operation Surma (comes with atari stickers) $4
Mister Mosquito $40
Mortal Kombat- Armageddon (light scratches, sticker on case, # written on disc) $5
Mortal Kombat- Shaolin Monks (price sticker on front) $11
Myst 3- Exile (sticker on bac) $6
Mystic Heroes (price sticker on back) $7

Obscure- The Aftermath $12
Odin Sphere (small scratch, small smudge) $15
Okage- Shadow King (smudge on disc) $14
Orphen- Scion of Sorcery (price sticker on case) $6

Persona 3 FES (sealed) $14
Persona 4 (sealed, bonus disc edition) $14
Phantom Brave (comes with soundtrack) $14
Phantasy Star Universe (sealed but little tear in the top back) $12
Pirates- Legend of the Black Buccaneer (sealed) $7
Pitfall- The Lost Expedition $7
Pryzm- Chapter One: The Dark Unicorn (has sticker on front case) $5

Radiata Stories (case has sticker on it) $15
Raw Danger (has a price sticker on front) $13
Rayman 2- Revolution (a couple small scratches, price sticker) $6
Rayman 3- Hoodlum Havoc ( stickers on case, some circular scrathes on disc) $7
Red Faction (price sticker on bind) $5
Red Faction 2 (price sticker on bind) $4
Reservoir Dogs $5
Resident Evil- Outbreak $8
Resident Evil- Outbreak File #2 (price sticker on case) $20
River King- A Wonderful Journey (couple small scratches) $9
Romancing Saga (price sticker on case) $19

Samurai Legend- Musashi (sticker on front case) $11
Second Sight (has price sticker on front case) $8
Secret Agent Clank (sticker on front case) $7
Secret Service $5
Sega Genesis Collection (few small scratches, sticker on case) $9
Shadow Hearts- Covenant $30
Shamu's Deep Sea Adventure (sealed) $5
Shining Force EXA $27
Shining Force Neo $21
Shining Tears $20
Shin Megami Tensei-Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha v The Souless Army (sealed) $50
Shin Megami Tensei-Devil Summoner 2 Raidou Kuzunoha v King Abaddon (sealed) $50
Shin Megami Tensei- Digital Devil Saga (sealed) $15
Shin Megami Tensei- Digital Devil Saga 2 (sealed) $15
Shin Megami Tensei- Nocturine (sealed) $15
Silent Hill 2 (price sticker on front case) $30
Silent Hill 3 (comes with bonus disc) $35
Silent Hill 4- The Room $40
Sonic Plus Mega Collection $8
Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy (price sticker on case) $9
Spiderman (has scratches around disc) $4
Splinter Cell- Pandora Tomorrow (small smudge) $6
Splinter Cell- Stealth Action Redefined $5
Star Ocean- Till the End of Time $10
Star Wars Battlefront $8
Star Wars- Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith $8
State Of Emergency (couple small scratches on disc) $5
Stretch Panic (sticker on back case) $13
Suikoden 3 $17
Suikoden Tactics (comes with bonus soundtrack) $13
Superman Returns $4
Superman- Shadow of Apokolips (sticker on case) $7

Tak- And the Power of the Juju (some scratches around disc) $6
Tak 2- The staff of Dreams (couple small scratches) $5
Tak- The Great Juju Challenge $6
Tak- Guardians of Gross $5
Teen Titans (some small scratches) $12
The Adventures of Darwin $12
The Bouncer $11
The Getaway (couple small scratches on disc) $4
The legacy of Kain Series- Blood Omen 2 $20
The Lord of the Rings- The Third Age $5
The Nightmare of Druaga- Fushigino Dungeon (sealed) $16
The Secret Saturdays- Beasts of the 5th Sun $10
The Suffering- Ties That Bind (couple small scratches and smudge) $17
The Simpsons- Hit and Run $15
The X Files- Resist or Serve (price sticker on case) $20
Thrillville $5
Thrillville- Off the Rails (couple scratches) $5
Timesplitters- Future Perfect $21
Tomb Raider- Legend (sticker on front case) $5
Tomb Raider- The Angel of Darkness (has sticker on case) $11
Tony Hawks- American Wasteland $8
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4 $5
True Crime- New York City (sealed) $21
Ty- The Tasmanian Tiger (price sticker on case) $6
Ty 3-The Tasmanian Tiger- Night of the Quinkan (price sticker on case) $13

Valkyrie Profile 2- Silmeria (price sticker on bind) $20
Vexx (disc looks refurbished) $7
Virtua Quest (sealed) $14

Unlimited Saga (2 stickers on case) $9

Wallace and Gromit- In Project Zoo (smudge) $7
Whiplash $11
Woody Woodpecker $10
Worms 3D $6

Xenosaga- Episode 1 (couple small scratches, sticker on case) $14
Xenosaga- Episode 2 (sticker on case) $25
Xmen Legends $5
Xmen Legends 2- Rise of the Apocalypse (small scratch) $7

Yakuza (price sticker) $17
Yakuza 2 $20
Y's- The Ark of Napishtim $23