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Thread: Why is it that... The Bird is the Word?

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    Default Why is it that... The Bird is the Word?

    we have all xerd it!
    the-de-the bird is the word, b-b-b-ird is the nerd.. take of your glasses, you f word, nerd, nobody knows i am the bird b-b-bird the bird is the bird and the word which is also the bird but why is the bird? the word....

    im also a nerd!
    n-n-n-ne-nerd, i admit this stuff that im the bird but wait i just that i was a nerd.... NEErd... nnERD nn ERD

    thank meou!

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    it said insanity...
    it needs more sanity...
    so here we go!

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    I It's so sad that this cool forum is basically dead now.

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