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Thread: Seeking assistance from CFW user that has Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess

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    Default Seeking assistance from CFW user that has Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess

    I'm looking to get the rap key for Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess. The US version of the game, NPUB31752 to be specific. One of the easiest ways I know would be for a CFW user that has the game installed to grab the .rif from their console and either link it here or use Aldostools and run the RIF to RAP Converter on their own pc to generate the .rap key then post the extracted hex key here as a reply or upload the .rap and leave a link on here.

    the .rif would be found on the ps3 under hdd0/home/########/exdata and I believe the .rif will actually be named UP4108-NPUB31752_00-DECEPTIONNP00000.rif where ######## is the user number that has actually launched and the played the game.

    I know there will be "WHY!?" questions from at least someone out there. My current ps3 is a Super Slim using the new-ish HAN exploit since Super Slim's cannot use CFW yet. My original ps3 is/was a fat model but it is on its last legs with the YLOD of doom and gloom, otherwise I'd just do this myself. There would also be the question of why this round about method of acquiring a .rif and converting to .rap key? No .rap key is posted on any of the usual sites/programs and even a google search turned up nothing so this seems to be my only hope at this time for getting the key in order to run the game on a OFW HAN using console.

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    same here i've tried every thing, downloaded a few iso that were not iso only what seems to be modifided pkg files. would totaly apreciate the assistance

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    same, there is not a single rif or rap file for this game on the wole internet (literally)

    the problem with this particular game is that it never came out in dvd format (only the japanese version exist in dvd, source : so we cant even convert it using the amazing tools that people made

    i know its a bit late but i would like to request this file as well

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