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Thread: DLCs for converted to PKGs disc games (hypothetical question)

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    Question DLCs for converted to PKGs disc games (hypothetical question)

    That's totally hypothetical question because I have SS and am waiting for (soon) release of PS3Explot v3 which supposedly will grant ability to install some PKGs on SS revision (no homebrew tho from what I've read). That's hypothetical until said release, ofc. And I'm asking that question because back when I had my Phat revision on CFW there wasn't such tool so I'm completely clueless about it but with coming of new version of exploit I'd like to clarify some stuff for myself and (maybe) others who wonder same question. I'm well aware that I might have missed some stuff I should have read but that's because I'm bar at searching stuff sometimes plus I was out of touch with the scene for a loooong time

    So, for example, I have Folklore dump which I've converted to PKGs. How do I install DLCs for it? Because from what I've read it seems like the game will have separate game code (e.g. not BLES but NPEB and etc). And I really couldn't find answer to that
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