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Thread: PSP Go corrupt internal memory

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    Default PSP Go corrupt internal memory

    My GO was laggy so i decided to format and start over. I did so, and when i went to connect it to PC, i get this error. Now, juussstt before i formatted i connected it to PC and transferred a few games. THEN decided to format, mins later, it no longer connects. SO i think its NOT the cable. I tried all USB ports. even 2 OTHER pc's. Its still on cfw...turns on fine. Even connects to ps3 fine....I just don't know what is happening. Any help is appreciated. Oh and i can get it to connect to flash etc no problem. just not internal memory. All others connect perfect. When i connect to pc, it shows 2 driers, M: and N:........N: is the one that says that error when i click it. M: just says please insert drive.
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