To start things out, I will give you a tutorial on how to use the modified profile. This is very simpe. You will need a USB and a PC for this (you can also use PS Plus to back up too and follow the same steps)

Instructions on how to install:
Step 1: Back up your LBP2 profile in the game menu.

Step 2: Copy your newly backed up profile to your USB. You can find your profile on the PS3 XMB screen. It is located in "Save Data Utility" Copy it to your USB.

Step 3: Take the USB out of your PS3 and plug it into your PC. Once plugged in your computer should automatically detect you plugged a device in and it will give you a multitude of options, one of them being "Open folder to view files" select that one. (If for whatever reason doesn't detect it, press the home/windows key on your PC then go to"Computer>Removable Disk (x:)) and select it. Then go to PS3>SAVEDATA>BCUS98245/BCES00850 (Depending on your region) and open it.

Step 4: You will see a few random files in there, only look for the one that has "0" that is what you are looking for. Replace that file with the "0" in the download.

Step 5: Take the USB out of your PC and put it back in your PS3, then go to back to "Save Data Utility" and copy the newly modded profile to your system.

Step 6: Load up LBP and import your profile from the game menu, you will now be done and have your modded profile.

This modded profile allows you to use create tools in play mode by opening your popit and going to your "Personal" section.


By WeedNBugattis and RevokedTrojans