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Thread: Just so we are on the same page...

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    Default Just so we are on the same page...

    Im assuming with all the vita downloads their is a way to play the games.

    And NO im not on about the good for nothing excuse of a black fin crappy gimmick that requires you to walk around with a PC to play stuff.
    What i mean is just like the PSP where we could put things on memory card.

    Bonus question how and would i be bale to put my 66 games on a memory card be better if i could use some sort of a micro SD card adaptor.

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    Yes you can hack a Vita on or under 3.60 firmware, its the Henkaku hack, you can download it to use on wifi only or install it into your system with no need for any wifi. You have to use a PS Vita Memory Card, none other works, thats the crappy part, because they are MONEY. Just got a Vita today, Im going to buy a 64gb vita card from amazon for 106.00, they are high, thats the cheapest i found. Head over to our vita site for more info and a crap load of games. Good luck and have fun, I know I will be when my card gets here

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