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Thread: Staff Recruitment 2015

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    Default Staff Recruitment 2015

    OK folks, its time for us to get a few more staff.

    As a lot of you aware, it's important for this forum to stay clean and organized. The staff here are all volunteers who give up their time to help keeping this place tidy for all the community. We are interested in finding more of these king of people to help us keep the site well maintained. Do you have what it takes to help out? If so, read on!

    There are always more than an handful of people willing to help. I'm sorry if you don't make the cut. I need to restrict applications a bit to ensure we look at the most likely candidates.

    The list below is what we are scouting for:

    A decent track record here on Ps3iso. A history of making useful or helpful posts and an obvious long-term interest in the community here.
    Maturity - being a moderator here means you need to have a balanced view. Candidates need to have shown that they have the ability to not get caught up in arguments.
    Enthusiasm! This position is not always what it's cracked up to be. You really need a lot of enthusiasm and dedication to keep you going at times.

    These are the things that we are not looking for:

    Recent arrivals to the site. Sorry, but you need to establish a little history here before we can consider you.
    Status seekers. Staff get respect because they are helpful and firm, but at the same time, fair. I'm not interested in those seeking status. Please note - No member of staff is above the rules of this forum.
    Those who have demonstrated they can't follow the sites rules. If you have a recent history of infractions, you will not be considered.

    What benefits do staff get?

    Not a lot I'm afraid. You'll eventually have the respect from long standing members. As a staff member, you will have the adds disabled too. You'll have access to the private section of the forum to discuss staff matters too.

    Still Interested? Do you think that you meet the above criteria? Here's how to apply:

    PM me (Dragon) with the subject 'Staff Application' in the subject field. If you don't put this in the subject field there is a good chance you won't be considered, as it's clear you can't follow the simplest of requests.

    Please include the following details in your PM:

    User Name

    Post count


    Where you are from (we want lots of time zones)

    A statement saying why you think you should be accepted for this role

    Please submit all applications by the the 25th of Sept 2015 to be considered.

    I will be choosing applicants myself, with the help and input from current staff to help guide me. 8 applicants will be chosen from this years staff recruitment.

    There will be many applicants that I can't possibly appoint, so please don't feel upset if we can't choose you this time around. You all have my thanks and gratitude for being willing to help, and it's people like you that help keep this site in great shape.

    Good luck!

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    lmao.... Romaan here :) As long as f*cking Nighdex there....

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