Buyers precautions and what to do if scammed


  • Only send payments via Paypal.
  • Always check if their Paypal account is verified and only deal with those that have verified Paypal accounts.

    • Every seller will have a link coded that you can follow to check whether their Paypal is verified.

  • Always send payment as 'for goods', never send as gift or others.
  • Get as much details from the seller as possible before making payment.

    • Get their real name.
    • Get their phone number and give them a ring.
    • Get their address.

  • Both parties should use a tracked postal service and you should obtain the tracking number from them.
  • If you're dealing in person by drop off and pick up, make sure you bring a friend and test it at their home.
  • Avoid dealing with sellers that are abroad.
  • Always check if the service they are providing is possible, the following is a good thread to check before looking for services.

What to do if scammed

  • Open a Paypal dispute immediately with as much detail as possible.
  • Contact a moderator immediately with proof.

    • The mod will be able to ban the user and provide you with their IP address and email address.

  • Using google find the sellers local police department and file a complaint/report.
  • Report the seller to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).
  • If you or the seller is from the UK, you should also file a complaint with Action Fraud and FCA.
  • If you or the seller is from the US, you should also file a complaint with US Postal inspection service for mail fraud.
  • Report the seller to their internet service provider (ISP), you can find many sites on google to lookup IP addresses.
  • Make sure that when you're reporting the matter to the police and any other organisations, that you give as much detail as possible.

    • That includes all the information you have about the seller, the interactions between you and of course the details the moderator gives you.
    • You may be able to trace a person using electoral rolls (if available in your country).