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Convert Eboot.pbp to PSX
Convert Eboot.pbp to PSX
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    Default Convert Eboot.pbp to PSX

    Hi All,

    Just wondered if anyone could help with this question.

    I have many PSX games for use on the PSP, the files are eboot.pbp and keys.bin. Is there anyway of converting these files to make burnable game to use on a modded PS1. I have used ImgBurn to create an image file from the eboot and then a .cue file from that but it didn't work. Am I missing a file etc. The games I have downloaded are either .cue and .bin files together or .ccd .imb and .sub files together to make up the burnable game.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    You could try Autopopstation

    or RS Popstation

    Don't forget to read the ReadMe files

    Hope this helps

    If I helped don't forget to

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    You could try using IceTea to extract the iso from the eboot. It's an older program but it still works well.

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