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Thread: Update help from 3.55 Kmeaw

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    Default Update help from 3.55 Kmeaw

    Can someone advise me on the procedure of updating (and to which cfw?) I've had a quick look in the other threads & it all sounds a bit complicated & very easy for a complete dunderhead like myself to mess up.
    I've over 70 PSN games & 15 PS3 games I launch via Multiman, I'm nervous about screwing all these up though & have read that everything needs to be re-signed?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks for listening.

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    You can simply install rogero v2.03 from xmb. Your psn games will have to be resigned while ps3 games might still work, even though mine didn't.
    If you downgraded your console you still need to dehash maybe. I always recommend to run the toggleqa.pkg before installing 4.30 anyway.
    As well as making the flash dump and backing it up. And also not to have a disc in the player during the update process.
    Check the md5 and rename the pup properly. I know all of this may sound complicated to you but it's not.

    All is explained in the tutorials here, all the information is there. Further doubts we're ready to clear up
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    Here is my tutorial.
    Within the thread, you want to follow the 'Currently on any (cex) CFW3.55/CFW4.21/CFW4.30' tutorial.
    You'll be fine aslong as you follow the instructions.

    You will need to resign your PSN games; any game that has a fixed/patched eboot may or may not work, if it doesn't, you can simply replace the Eboot with the original Eboot & download game update via MultiMan.
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