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How to remarry a bluray drive to other consoles!
How to remarry a bluray drive to other consoles!
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    Default How to remarry a bluray drive to other consoles!

    How to Remarry BD Drives To Other Consoles

    Max1985 at DemonHades has posted a link to the complete package of the previously leaked much needed files along with what seems to be a modded ‘lv2diag.self’ that seems to be able to finally truely ‘re-marry’ a Blu-Ray drive board on a PS3 console!

    Here is a short tutorial:

    Ladies & Gentlemen finally we can remarry BD boards to different consoles!
    * The file was just posted over at DemonHades by one of the members (max1985)
    * Put these onto a blank usb stick (not the devusb folder, just it’s contents) & add a 2.30 PUP FILE!
    * Put in the servive mode dongle and get into factory service mode.
    * Put the newly created USB stick into port 0 (closest to the reader) and run.
    * After you run the initial remarry process, do not take it out of factory service mode.
    * Put a BD disc in and run it on the PS3. (This restores your DRL files!)
    * The you can take it out of factory service mode.
    * Launch as normal.

    I have not done extensive testing yet, but have just remarried a BD board from a 60gig launch to a 40gig console.

    As with all new things, doing this totally at the end-user risk, people have not done any testing on this very risky firmware progress. But a couple of facts are, their may be different models which will NOT work at all, due to the fact some BD Drives are designed for Dual-Eye lasers vs. Single-Eye lasers, and IDE vs. SATA drive hookup. Also this most likely is only designed for the FAT 256mb NAND systems, as the 16mb NOR and Slim’s use a different drive board marriage system. And finally DO NOT TRY THIS ON v3.56 consoles, as YOU CURRENTLY CAN’T EXIT SERVICE MODE!

    I did not create this it is just infomation i found which is very good news for me & many other people with Bluray board failures! Im just mirroring the download

    Heres the download -
    HTML Code:
    Enjoy this
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    let me know if this works on 3.56 or 3.60 ofw thanks

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    This wont will work on any OFW only custom firmware, sorry!

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    will this work on rogero 4.41
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