Hi All,

I'm having problems with Skate 2 and 3. Both version I downloaded from this website but these games freezes after a while.
First I tried Skate 3 and I was able to play the game, but then after loading some mission the game froze. I turned off/on the PS3 but after loading my save the game froze again.
After a couple of days I decided to try again, I was able to play for like 30 min and the game froze repeating the same cycle over again.
I decided then to download and play Skate 2 but I'm having the exact same problem from Skate 3. I'm playing the game from external disc and using Multiman 1.70.

Does anyone knows what is the problem here? Those games along Metal Gear 4 are the only ones freezing :S

Thanks in advance guys