PS3 80GB Fat won't turn on but it's not YLoD
PS3 80GB Fat won't turn on but it's not YLoD
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Thread: PS3 80GB Fat won't turn on but it's not YLoD

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    Default PS3 80GB Fat won't turn on but it's not YLoD

    Hello to!

    I'm currently on my bliss of gaming after that the whole system gone stuck. PS3 will automatically restart the system if there's a problem with the unit. Therefore I force shut down the system and turn it on again. After that nothings changed, I push the 'PS' button and nothings changed, just a red light and I expect that there's no relation to YLoD. What are you suggestions to this kind of matter?

    - Is the PSU of my unit gone bad? There are no unusual smell of burned rubber inside my unit.
    - Overheating problems?
    - Fan Problem?
    - Or the worst: it's a symptom of YLoD.

    I hope you could help me guys.

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    U have a red light and u have to fix by reflowing the mother board
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