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Thread: Gaia Manager

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    Default Gaia Manager

    How come when i load up Gaia Manager it dosnt detect any games in my internal hard drive or my usb external hard drive

    edit: nervermind after installing bdrips.pkg then gamez.pkg the games showed up I don't get that the point of having two files when you only need the gamez.pkg one.

    also I have another question how would i remove sexy manager without it deleting my installed games? cuz gaia manager didn't over write it. Dose it Delete my installed games? I think I read somewhere that it dose if your delete the manager with the Triangle button.

    edit: nvm I found out the hard way it dose delete all your interal hdd game... for future refrence I how would delete a manager with out it deleting all of your internal hard drive games...?
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    are you using KaKaRoTo's payload?

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    Always install your new manager before deleting one. That way you can just move your games to the new directory if required. OpenManger and spinoffs are good about finding the old folders.

    The Gaia BDrips file creates a new spot to put your games hdd/BDRIPS, that's why it didn't find your games. Same with a external USB drive root/BDRIPS.

    The BDRIPS option is kinda cool because it wont be overwrote by any other file manager that uses the old file location hdd/games/???????/GAMEZ. Even if you update to a new build, it won't erase the games unless you tell it to.

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