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Thread: Tutorial: How to convert cheat codes and add them to Swap Magic 3.8 Coder

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    Default Tutorial: How to convert cheat codes and add them to Swap Magic 3.8 Coder

    This tutorial is for people that need help playing games on Coder.

    Tools needed:
    SM3.8 Coder. You should already have it if you are reading this)
    Elf version:
    CD/DVD Version: Buy it.

    It's very easy and doesn't really need a tutorial but here we go.

    Converting from Codebreaker 7+ (Newer Codes) to RAW (Usable by Coder):
    Step 1: Click the "Input" menu and select Codebreaker/Version 7+.

    Step 2: Click the "Output" menu and select Unencrypted/Standard.

    Step 3: Go to (you'll need to register) and under "Games" "Sony PlayStation®2" Select the game you want codes for (for the tutorial I'll use Silent Hill-Origins).
    Special Note For "Enable" Codes: Enable or (M) Codes for 7+ have 4 lines of code
    B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
    72D71355 9EC1C62E
    FD6A5670 9514C6E2
    8BD5631F 9D76F1FB
    And the first line is always the same for every game hacked for 7+
    B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
    We only need the last line when converting so this
    B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
    72D71355 9EC1C62E
    FD6A5670 9514C6E2
    8BD5631F 9D76F1FB
    Would become this
    8BD5631F 9D76F1FB
    Step 4 Copy/paste the codes you want into the input section like so

    MAKE SURE to delete the first three lines of the enable code!!
    Step 5: Click the convert button in the bottom left corner.

    Then you'll see your usable codes in the output field (See above picture)

    For converting other code types:
    Some games listed on have an Enable Code that has only 1 or 2 lines, these where hacked for versions 1-6 of the Codebreaker.
    For 2 line (M) codes you need to keep BOTH lines for the game to work.
    The steps are exactly the same as above except for Input select Codebreaker/Version 1+ and so on and so forth for what ever cheat device the codes are hacked for.

    Supported code types are:
    Action Replay MAX
    Action Replay V1/V2
    Gameshark V1/V2
    Xploder/Gameshark V3
    Version 1
    Version 2
    Version 1+
    Version 7+
    Version 1
    Version 2
    Version 3-4
    Version 5+
    Version 1-3
    Version 4
    Version 5+

    Note I will do code conversions if you ask politely but, you need to have tried and failed at least twice. (The code didn't work)
    Since I explained it in detail and gave you an idiot proof tool I don't think I'll see many conversion requests.
    For a request please reply to this thread instead of starting a new one.
    Putting codes into the Swap Magic 3.8 Coder:
    Note: My digital camera can't take proper pictures of my TV screen so this part won't have screen shots until I can find them from another source.
    Step 1: Load up your coder (Either elf or cd/dvd)
    Step 2: From the main menu select the "Cheat Menu" and hit X.
    Step 3: You will be at the game list, Hit the Square button and select "ADD GAME" and hit X.
    Step 4:Type in the Games name (eg. Silent Hill-Origins) and select the big check mark.
    Note: User added games/codes are in all CAPITAL LETTERS because of the primitive interface of the coder.
    Step 5: Select the game name and hit right on the D-Pad. You are now in the code list.
    Step 6:Hit Square and select "ADD DESCRIPTION". Name the cheat.
    Note: The Enable or (M) Code MUST BE FIRST otherwise none of the other codes will work.
    Step 7: Select the cheat name and hit right on the D-Pad.
    Step 8: Hit Square and select "ADD HEXCODE"
    Step 9: Use the numbers and letters onscreen to enter the line of code you got from Omniconvert.
    Note: For codes that have multiple lines of code you need to click "ADD HEXCODE" for every line.
    Step 10: Repeat Steps 6-9 until you have put in every cheat you want to.
    Step 11: Select all the cheats you want to use by highlighting the cheats name and hitting X.
    Step 12: Hit Start and select "SAVE" from the popup.
    Step 13: You'll be at the "Boot Disk" menu, select Normal or Special depending on your game and hit X.
    There you go you cheater. ;D
    My PS1 Uploads My PS2 Uploads
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    Default Re: Tutorial: How to convert codes for use by and add them to Swap Magic 3.8 Coder

    Hey thanks alot man this was very helpful with steps really appreciate for doin it. :ClaP:
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