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How to turn into an iso
How to turn into an iso
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    Default How to turn into an iso

    Hi guys, i had a question about how to turn this download into an iso, okay so when i downloaded my file for the game Yakuza, i got a bunch of files none of them ending in .iso
    ioprp300--------Disc Image File---269 KB
    IRX.dat---------Dat File----------277 KB
    Main.bin--------BIN File----------4,266 KB
    OGRE.CVM------CVM File---------560,070 KB
    OGRE2.CVM-----CVM File---------2,621,166 KB
    OGRE3.CVM-----CVM File---------1,150,974 KB
    OGRE4.CVM-----CVM File---------4,266 KB
    OGREDIR.BIN----BIN File----------197 KB
    OGREDIR2.BIN---BIN File----------97 KB
    OGREDIR3.BIN---BIN File----------158 KB
    OGREDIR4.BIN---BIN File----------2 KB
    PAL_NTSC.DAT--DAT File---------301 KB
    SLES_541.71----71 File-----------347 KB
    SYSTEM.CNF----CNF File----------1 KB
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    The file you opened to get those files should be the ISO file, those files are the contents of the game.
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    obviously the one who upload that file extracted that, you should build or make iso files from it, you just need imgburner to build iso from that file you are saying.
    hOPEs that help...
    make a folder, put it anywhere you like, named it yakuza then drag all that files you listed above in that folder, open imgburner click "CREATE IMAGE FILES FROM FILES/FOLDERS"
    fill up the properties of the dvd-r you are using, name YAKUZA pubisher:NAMCO (dont remember hehe) SYSTEM:playstation just ike that and clik start,,

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