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    Default PCSX2 Crashes when starting games

    Computer Specs: Amd Sempron 3100+ 1024MB Ram, 128MB Geforce 6600GT (I know my specs are not great but I have known that PCSX2 can run ok on these
    OS: XP Home
    PCSX2 Version: 0.94
    -Which plugins you are using: ZeroGS 0.97.1 AND 0.97.0 (I think), Gsdx9,
    Game: Dead or alive 2 Pal

    Whenever I try to start a game the program always crashes and I get the windows has encountered a problem and needs to close error
    I have uploaded a youtube vid here too

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    Default Re: PCSX2 Crashes when starting games

    Well even though I don't think PCSX2 will run on your computer heres what you do...

    In the Configurator slect the CDVD option and hit configure.

    Now select your iso where it says to selsct it and then hit run CD/DVD.

    Also note this!!!!!!

    Sometimes if you restart your computer it will owrk or simply log off and try that above methos again. Let me know how you get on.

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    Default Re: PCSX2 Crashes when starting games

    Aslo I just realised you are using a outdated version of PCSX2. Try 9.5 SVN 356 or whatever it is. Just get the latest one from the website. and let us know if that works.

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    Default Re: PCSX2 Crashes when starting games

    Suggestion 1 did not work

    I just found dead or alive 2 got a red and nothing on the comptablity list, could that be the reason?

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    Default Re: PCSX2 Crashes when starting games

    If you give me a the links to dead or alive two i'll test it myself and give you input. Also I am staring to doubt that it works with PCSX2. Try a highly supported game like Final Fantasy X. Let me know how it works then.

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    Default Re: PCSX2 Crashes when starting games

    PCSX2 will not ever with any game in the entire world that will ever be made (well you get the idea), run on a sempron.

    You'll definitely need to use GSDx if you have a 6600GT, and even then you won't get 1/2 speed on FFX (which is 1 of the fastest PCSX2 games) at native resolution, due to your CPU.

    If it's red, then it means that game doesn't work yet. Even if it did work, that rig would not run it playably.

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    Default Re: PCSX2 Crashes when starting games

    Dead or alive works for me, with GSDX10, i also have a rig which has teh following specs:

    Sempron 2800+ 1.6Ghz overclocked to 2.5Ghz
    512mb cheap ddr400 ram
    PCI-e 256mb Radeon X600

    With that i manage to boot alot of games, and the most playable game is castlevania (Wither of them, they both play the same speed etc) Using PCSX2 0.94 and the Zerogs plugin, can't remember what version, but it was not the newest one, think it might of been 96.

    But as has been said, you will never ever run a PS2 emulator at decent frame rates with a sempron, and no way in hell with a 128mn 6600GT, i'd save up and get a new rig, the newer GFX cards are a huge sep up from any geforce 7- card. And then you can play with AAx16 on :D

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