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    Default HOW TO GET A PS2 BIOS

    How can I get the bios?

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    Default Re: HOW TO GET A PS2 BIOS

    For a start you can lay off the CAPS lock.. on the internet its the same as shouting.

    Another thing you can do is use the SEARCH bar that's at the top of the page... PS2 BIOS brings up plenty of results.

    And only make 1 topic, we CAN read you know...

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    Default Re: HOW TO GET A PS2 BIOS

    Quote Originally Posted by rax
    How can I get the bios?
    you could go to a torrent website and download bios like mininova or w.e its called i think it that. But i don't suggest playing a ps2 emulator unless u got like really good pc.

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