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does pcsx2 supports intel graphics?
does pcsx2 supports intel graphics?
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    Default does pcsx2 supports intel graphics?

    core i3 530 2.93ghz w/ intel gma hd
    2gb ram ddr3
    windows xp sp2
    iso file : raiden III.iso
    pcsx2 version 0.9.7-r2564

    im using intel's integrated gpu, can i run or emulate any games in ps2? i really wanna know coz now im having trouble running raiden3.iso the game wont load. Actually i only see ps2 splash screens after that ... I only see this.

    this time im using the 0.9.6 version im not sure which is the right way to run an ISO file so I have use the 2 methods below bcoz im so noob here sry.
    ive tried using this method... run->execute->raiden3.iso then i got this

    finally using the method, file->run CD/DVD->raiden3.iso then ive got this which will nothing to do but count and count

    note i also changed the GSdx settings from sse2 - sse3 - sse41 - openGl but same results pls help me about my problem & thanks

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    If you're trying to run an iso, then you must select file/run iso

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    does it support my current pc specs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeyob123 View Post
    does it support my current pc specs?
    I think it's about the minimum required for 2D games.

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