The PS3ISO's Official Forum Rules. <Read This First>
The PS3ISO's Official Forum Rules. <Read This First>
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Thread: The PS3ISO's Official Forum Rules. <Read This First>

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    Default The PS3ISO's Official Forum Rules. <Read This First>


    A "Thank You" and adding to the users reputation is appreciated if a post has been helpful to you,or you have downloaded from a link provided by a member is good manners on this site.
    Please post in the correct sub-forums.
    Racist talk is not allowed.
    Please don't use all CAPS in your post, it looks offensive and is the net's equivalent of SHOUTING!.
    Please help others, especially new members.
    Use the Search function before making a post to ensure there are no duplicate posts
    If you have a problem with another member of this community, use the Personal Message (PM) button to tell a staff member (Administrators & Moderators) about the situation and we will try to solve it.
    No advertising allowed unless with staff permission. This also includes hosting and all product offers.


    DO NOT POST LINKS TO ANY OTHER SITES. The only exceptions to this are:- Filehosting sites, myspace, youtube,, ebay,Link Protectors(Under the condition it directly leads to destination filehost). Posting links to warez sites or blogs can be considered as advertising!
    DO NOT STEAL LINKS. (please note * there are warez rules in force in the PC section. Read there for acceptable posts in those sections only)
    DO NOT POST LINKS FROM PS3ISO OR ITS UPLOADERS ON OTHER SITES / FORUMS unless the uploader gave permission.
    Post ONLY in English.
    Do not add your game links to existing game topics that are not created by you, as it is considered thread hijacking.
    Test the link before you post it!
    Do not flood/spam this board.
    Sites such as link bucks which generate money for the link poster count as spam and infractions/bans will be given.
    Infractions/bannings will be given WITHOUT WARNING for any and all spam which hasn't gained administrator permission.
    Do not post links to any torrents, unless there are sections that have their own rule set and it is specifically stated that it is allowed.
    Do not post topics offering karma for trivialities
    You may NOT post in uploader's topics requesting for file mirrors or other games unless they specifically state in their post that they will let you.
    You are not allowed to ask for details for a premium account. Our members have the right to report it if you ask by PM as well.
    No thread hijacking.
    If there is a help thread you are not allowed to post in it unless it is DIRECTLY related to the issue at hand.
    Moreover, you are not allowed to post things that are off topic to a large extent. You can get an infraction for this.

    Links that are allowed:
    -News sites (Gamefaqs, Psx-Scene, PS3news, SKSapps, ect.)
    -Filehosting sites (MU,RS,FS,etc.)
    -Our sister sites (pspiso,xbox360iso,wiiso,etc.)
    -Links to sony sites are allowed under the condition they be coded.
    -All links other than to our sister sites must be coded. is allowed as long as it goes straight to the file with no redirects

    Links that are not allowed:
    -Sites that require you to do a survey to get the links.
    -Links to a file host that contains no downloads or the poster gets points/cash for them (this is considered spam)
    -Links to porn are not tolerated.
    -Links to other sites like ours or any site with a forum. (Not our sister sites)
    -Links Used As Passwords.


    Take your time to and use the SEARCH function to see whether a similar request has already been made or to see if what you are requesting has already been uploaded.
    Request should be made in the appropriate sections.
    Do not ask for credit card numbers, IP addresses, usernames, passwords, fake IDs etc.!
    Do not request porn/other offensive content.
    Do say "Thank You" and add reputation to those who helped You.
    Follow the individual rule sets for each request section!
    Do not request a change of username unless you have a very valid reason.

    Forums users are asked to keep their signatures to a reasonable size the rules are:

    - 4 lines normal size text - Font sizes above size 14 are not allowed.
    Please note that blank lines count.
    - Images can be up to 300x300 pixels high.
    - You may have more than one image if the collective size is no bigger than 500x150.
    - Images in BMP format are not allowed as these are too large in file size and slow down the loading of the page.
    - GIF and PNG files are ok but no more than 2 small or 1 "normal" sized.
    - Advertising without administrator permission and Harmful content are not allowed.
    - Up to 4 thin user-bars.
    - No Outside Links in the Sig, even if they are hidden with the image.
    - No crude or offensive language/images.
    - No pornographic or sexually suggestive language or images are allowed anywhere on the forum.
    - No links to other sites, especially Warez Sites.


    The buying, selling or trading of goods or services is only allowed in the Trade Section.


    These can be earned by breaking any of the above rules.
    There are three warning levels depending on the severity of the action.
    Warnings are issued for a fixed period of time - then they can be removed.
    Further bad behavior during a warning period risks a ban.

    Ways to get a WARNING or a BAN:

    Arguing with a MOD/ADMIN. They have the warning and ban button's, you don't.
    Swearing and cursing - Swearing directly at a member is NOT allowed
    Advertising other sites. This does not include links to other sites.
    Link stealing (automatic ban!).
    PM-Spam (automatic ban!).
    Flame wars (both people involved will receive a warning).
    Racist Talk or Ideas (automatic ban!).
    Moaning about a particular upload site, or file hosting service. (warning if persistent - followed by ban)
    Posting links to harmful files, such as brickers or viruses. (immediate and permanent ban)
    If you post any kind of porn you will be banned. No questions asked.

    How to get a Sticky Thread

    To get a a thread stickied you must now have InCloudDrive links in your thread.

    All the team here want you to enjoy your time on our site! Please bear the above in mind, and we're sure you will come to love this place!

    The PS3ISO Team

    Note: Forum Rules are developed over time by all PS3ISO administrators. Only administrators can make changes to these rules.

    To any administrators - please update the global announcement when making amendments to these rules!
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