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Thread: Free MCBoot installer (FREE_MCBOOT.ELF) won't run!

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    Default Free MCBoot installer (FREE_MCBOOT.ELF) won't run!


    I have a fat PS2 (ver. SCPH 39901) and a PS2 memory card with an exploit done by independence compiler. Lately I've been using cogswap to play some of my backed up games. Well I now have a ps2 hard drive and I want to use free mc boot to run hdloader and play backups off my hard drive.

    I followed the instructions on this tutorial:

    But when I try to run the FREE_MCBOOT.ELF from uLauncher v4.39, the screen goes black and the installation screen never pops up. What's the problem? I know I have enough space on my memory card (about 6 mb) for it. Why won't this thing load? Is there an alternative way to play ps2 backups off my hard drive without free mcboot?

    Thanks in advance for any help offered.

    EDIT: A few extra notes, if they're important. I used Gameshark 2 v1.3 to import my exploited file onto my memory card. I've been using a Kingston 1 GB flash drive with no problems so far. Thanks
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    Problem Solved!

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    i think i knew what you did wrong lol

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    The problem was with the thumb drive I was using. Don't get Kingston usb thumb drives for memory card exploits, they suck. It took me a while to realize the problem was with the brand of my thumb drive. The whole time I've been able to use my 1 gb Kingston to transfer save files and my exploit file. Guess it just couldn't be used to install Free mcboot though...

    I used a Geek squad thumb drive btw.

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