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Farming Simulator 2013 - Installing the Mony Hack to your gamesave - Guide + Video
Farming Simulator 2013 - Installing the Mony Hack to your gamesave - Guide + Video
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    Cool Farming Simulator 2013 - Installing the Mony Hack to your gamesave - Guide + Video

    Hey whats up guys,

    I saw a few videos on Youtube that explain this very easy process; but they all happen to be in another language. And, since most of the comments requested an English version; I decided to have a go at attempting to create a guide.

    Though I'm pretty sure most people who actively use this site, probably have already familiarized themselves with everything I detail in this guide; I realize how tough it is for people to understand this stuff, who may be entirely new to gamesave mods/hacks... I myself am slowly learning things as I go.. So please, don't be to harsh if I state something that's incorrect; as I am willing to listen, and make corrections as needed. I hope you guys enjoy the video, and most of all, enjoy your new cash!

    I know it goes without saying guys, but be sure to make a backup of your gamesave; as altering, (though slim) can possibly damage, or render your gamesave unusable. Its always better to take the much needed precautions, then lose the work you've already done. I know I wouldn't want to lose the work I've already done on my farm...

    1: Download "Bruteforce" from HERE and install. Choose NOT to "run Bruteforce" once the installation is complete; instead, be sure to run in it in Administrator mode.

    2: Update Bruteforce if it asks you to do so upon launch. Updates are very important, as they can include "key" updates and mod updates.

    3: When the "Global Settings" box appears, you don't have to fill out anything; simply click out of it, or press close.

    4: The next window will ask you to navigate to your "Param.sfo" file, located within your gamesave (which you should have already pre-loaded from your PS3 to your PC, using a flash drive or FTP). Once it loads, the program should be blank, but ready to run.

    5: In the upper right of the program, next to the "Refresh Button", your gonna want to select the button that looks like "|...|"; and search for your "Eboot.bin" file, which is also located within your gamesave. When it loads, you should now see your game listed in the white box.

    6: Select your game by clicking it once, then, from the list of options on the bottom, choose "Decrypt PFD>Decrypt All Files" choose to also decrypt your Meta.bin file. when your META.bin file has been decrypted successfully, the bottom left box will become green. Your now ready to implicate the mod into the gamesave.

    7: Open "HxD HEX editor", which is a program that was included with Bruteforce installation; it should be located in your "All Programs" under "Bruteforce Save Data". Once you have it open, there will be a pop up indicating that HxD isn't actually installed, simply ignore this message and click out of it. In the new blank HxD window, select "File>Open", and navigate once more back to your gamesave. Select to open your now decrypted "eboot.bin" file, at which you should be confronted with an entire array of code. Simple choose from the top "Search>Find", and in the search window type "money=" , without the quotation marks of course..=P and press search.

    8: Your search results, should find the location of your money within the file. And it should look something like this...

    0" expenses="747
    .355164" playTim
    e="446.661774" m
    "6445" day
    1" currentDay="5"

    9: Next, open a blank notepad, and type out your desired cash amount. In the video, I used an outrageous amount that would allow people who may only want to do this once, to pretty much only have to do it once. Do not add comma's between your digits. Once you have it, highlight it, and copy.

    10: Back to HxD, Continue to highlight the digits that come after money=, in this case its "6445". Be sure to highlight non of the surrounding values; especially them quotation marks. Right click the digits, and replace them with your new cash amount by choosing "Paste Insert". Once you have done so, it will ask to confirm that you wish to change the files, file size. Click "Yes"..You should now see your new money highlighted in red. Don't worry that its red, as it simply means it is a change to the file that hasn't been saved yet. Simply save, then exit HxD Hex editor. Upon closing, a window may pop up for you that says (Cannot create file "C:\Program Files (x86)\Bruteforce Save Data\HxD.ini". Access is denied.).. Don't worry about this, as your file was saved...Click cancel, or just click out.

    11: Now, back to bruteforce... Your game will still be decrypted, and green at the bottom; but we're now going to encrypt it, so it can playback on the PS3. With the game still selected, choose from the list on the bottom "Encrypt PFD>Encrypt decrypted Files". Now the box should no longer be green and the "Decrypt PFD" option should be available again. Your save is now re-encrypted. Close Bruteforce, and load your new modified gamesave back over to your PS3 to start enjoying your new fortune...=D Remember loading over your new gamesave will erase your old one, this would be your last chance to backup your old gamesave; so be sure to do it if you haven't already.

    Well guys, that's it. I hope it gives you a better idea at how to approach altering your saves for fs 2013, and possibly other games as well. Which, its up to you guys if you would like to keep Bruteforce or not; I myself can't wait to fiddle with my next game... Till then..

    Peace guys...


    (YT) Andrew Ryan, Prankster369

    EDIT: Hey guys, I finally created another video, where I put these saves up for download. The video also teaches anyone who doesn't know how to resign, do so, so that they can use these saves on their system. I won't be listing the instructions here, as its pretty basic resigning procedures. If you guys need to learn, then please watch the video and download the files provided. A README is included with the download that has full instructions...

    The Bruteforce version included may not be one of the last versions released, but since I couldn't find a download on the net; I uploaded an old copy I had left over in my downloads folder. This is the same version I use myself though, so I know it works fine.

    SAVES + Bruteforce: DOWNLOAD

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