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  1. Ps3 Yellow Light of Death
  2. Class Action lawsuit for bricked ps3's from faulty update
  3. Playstation 3 has been hacked!
  5. Play On – PSN Restoration Begins Now
  6. PS3 Decr Project - The Quest to find 3.60+ keys - Interview with Adrianc
  7. Sony: 360 Leads But We Have Better Software Growth
  8. [UPDATE] multiMAN 02.08.01 - Complete support for PS1 backups
  9. Sony to release updated PS3 remote with better Netflix controls
  10. Quickflix to be offered on PS3
  11. Navi-X (beta R1) plugin for Showtime released
  13. The House of the Dead: Overkill PS3 Custom Firmware Fix Arrives
  14. kAkaratoKs Jailbreak on 3.73 [UPDATED]
  15. Team REBUG releases v4.00 Spoofer and new 'Updater Packages' for their CFW
  16. ExpoLibre 2011: KaKaRoTo's Discussion on Open-source, Hacking and DRM
  17. Xploder PS3 Cheats System No PS3 modding or jailbraking required
  18. New CodeFreak Save Editor For All FW
  19. New psn releases by EXEtrimALL
  20. Video: Anonymous Send Message to Sony Regarding SOPA Bill
  21. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 PS3
  22. Nintendo, Sony and EA quietly drop SOPA support
  23. Sony May Quickly Drop PS Vita Price After Launch
  24. True Blue patch for Downgraded consoles
  25. how to play EXEtrimALL PSN uploads on OFW 4.00
  26. New Final Fantasy XIII-2 PS3 bundle announced
  27. Sony and Nintendo drop SOPA support amid Anonymous threats
  28. ‘Call of Duty 4′ PS3 Hack Causing Game To Freeze At Start Up
  29. Secret PS3 Menu
  30. PS3 Remote Play – Enhancement Patch Released
  31. Anonymous hacks Sony Pictures for supporting SOPA
  32. 'Final Fantasy XIII-2' Demo On the Way
  33. Sony names Kazuo Hirai president; Stringer remains CEO--report
  34. [Released]Splinter.Cell.HD.PS3.PSN-DUPLEX
  35. castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 hint -- read!
  36. ReActPSN v2.10 Homebrew PSN App Update for PS3 CFW Arrives
  37. Custom firmware v3.55 v2 released for True Blue dongle — support hardware downgraded
  38. PlayMemories Studio A New PS3 Application From Sony
  39. Game Genie making its epic return!!! (PS3, PSVita, Wii, NDS)
  40. EXCLUSIVE by EXEtrimALL --- FIFA 12 --- Only at PSN section by propJOE
  41. Asuras Wrath demo is out on PSN
  42. Sony outlines future PlayStation technology – 8k, 300fps targeted
  43. [update] (maybe) A complete list of PSN Games still running on OFW 4.00
  44. [Release] Team Cobra 'mmCM' v4! For All CFW
  45. Interview with CrashSerious
  46. PS3 NetBSD Port in Development by Gitbrew for OtherOS++ CFW
  47. Showtime Media Player v3.4 release candidate
  48. PS3 Debug Test Firmwares 3.74 and 4.00 Leaked!
  49. Coveman releases 'Open PS2 Loader' as ISO for Cobra USB
  50. PS3, Xbox 360 consoles haven't saturated the U.S. yet, argues Pachter
  51. Guide to Ripping and Burning your True Blue Disc Games
  52. ~~[UPDATE]PS3 Rebug One CFW Arch Custom Firmware is Now Available~~
  53. Death of True Blue PAWN
  54. RenPKG v1.0 Beta 3 - Restore Names of PS3 PKG and EDAT Files
  55. Status update on the PS3 4.0 HEN
  56. Digital games chart planned for PS3 and Xbox 360
  57. Led Changer v1 – A PS3 LED app
  58. SCETool v0.2.1 released — SELFs fully supported
  59. [Released] XMB File Manager Beta v0.03D and XMB File Manager Beta v0.03R
  60. PS3 Debug Firmware 4.01 Leaked
  61. Naughty Dog Working On Next Gen Game With “Million Poly Character Models”
  62. Red Faction Armageddon [FIX 3.55]
  63. Trash Box PSN for PS3 CFW 3.55 is Now Available by Duplex
  64. Sony 'negotiating PS3 virtual item policy'
  65. RenPKG v1.0 Beta 4 Arrives, RIF and RAP + RIF Support Added
  66. PS3 PUP / Dev_Flash File Spoofer v3 Tool is Now Available
  67. [RELEASED] PS3 PUP Unpacker & Decrypter v2.2 Homebrew App
  68. Fix TAR v3 PS3 Homebrew App for Retail and Debug 4.0 Firmware
  69. SCE Jack Buser Talks Exclusives“Invested More in Our FirstParty Studios than Nintendo
  70. Swap between different PS3 firmware (CFW, OFW, or MFW) — without hardware
  71. Insomniac Won't Make Any More Resistance Games
  72. CreatePS3EXTRA: A Tool to Create PS3_EXTRA structure for DLC PKGs, Patches, fixes
  73. [RELEASE] PS3 Red Screen of Death (RSOD) Fix
  74. PS3 4.00 HFW (Hybrid Firmware) v2.5 Update Arrives
  75. Kakaroto puts 4.00 Jailbreak 'On Ice'
  76. algorithm from sdk 3.70
  77. North American PSN Senior Director Departs From Sony
  78. How the ECDSA Algorithm Works by PS3 Developer KaKaRoToKS
  79. $ony announces $2.9 billion loss
  80. PS3Tools GUI Edition Released by PsDev
  81. [Update] the winners of cobra usb are...................
  82. PS3 LED Changer v2.0 Arrives, Change PlayStation 3 LED Colors
  83. PS3 4.00 HFW (Hybrid Firmware) v3 Pack Update is Now Available
  84. PS3 4.00 HFW (Hybrid Firmware) v3 Pack Update is Now Available
  85. New PS3 game : Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
  86. Syndicate. FPS. Banned in Australia.
  87. RIP PSN Get Ready To Embrace The SEN
  88. RELEASED - 'LV2 Loader' by Team REBUG
  89. [Update] multiman 4.01
  90. Sony's New CEO Sees a Tough Road Ahead
  91. PS3 SFO Reader and SFO2SFX Homebrew Applications Released
  92. PlayStation ® Network accounts will soon be called Sony Entertainment Network account
  93. EXCLUSIVE: multiMAN UPD PKG to enable 'backups' on DEX machines
  94. [Released] Patched LV2 DEX Kernel for CEX Machines By DexL0ve
  95. NEW Multiman Incoming
  96. MAPS3LV2_Load & multiMAN 4.0 on JFW-DH CFW 3.56 MA
  97. New PS3 and PSN Releases for the Week of February 6, 2012
  98. SEN: TOS and Privacy Policy
  99. New Medal of Honor Announced
  100. US PS3 Version 4.10 Update Is Live
  101. Showtime MegaViewer - Plugin Update
  102. [Release]Yet Another Bypass 1.3
  103. Solar 4.0 Released !
  104. PS3 Firmware 4.1 Hidden Feature: Dropbox Support
  105. [Release]Yet Another Bypass 1.4 - bypass OFW 4.10
  106. A new dev Project: Dual Boot PS3 - 2NOR Flashes with Switch for Brick Recovery
  107. Aria Persian Manager THAT Runs PS3, PS2, PSP & PS1 Backups
  108. Sony: We Should Probably Develop Less Games
  109. Alphabetical Sort XMB Hack Preview for AC1D PS3 CFW
  110. multiMAN_04.01.01 UPDATE ( Multiman Cobra Manager )
  111. XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) v0.10 is now ready!!
  112. Neo Trail v0.1 PS3 Homebrew Game by ThatOtherDev is Released
  113. Jailbreak working on 4.10 PS3 firmware, KaKaRoTo confirms
  114. PS3Tools GUI Edition v1.1 UPDATE
  115. PsDev Releases PS3Tools Update
  116. scetool v0.2.2 Released – Some source level changes and optimizations
  117. YouTube v1.3 Plugin for Showtime PS3 Media Player is Updated Read more: http://www.p
  118. Showtime Repack v3.5.19
  119. [Released] mmTHM GUI Version 1.3
  120. PS3 Firmware Update 4.11 Now Live
  121. Yet Another Bypass 1.6 - Bypass Firmware 4.11
  122. PS3 4.00 SDK Leaked
  123. PS3 Spoofer Enabler / Disabler 9.99 for Custom Firmware Arrives
  124. Radical: Next Gen to Make Open World Games Feel “More Alive”
  125. Child of Eden PS3 Fix for 3.55 / 3.41 Custom Firmware Arrives
  126. PS3 4.10 CFW/MFW-Read First for 3.55
  127. Team cobra Released a new multiMan v04.01.03
  128. PS3 FTP Client v1.0 Homebrew PlayStation 3 Application Arrived
  129. [Released] ASTOOLS V2.2
  130. PS3 Spoofer Tools v5.0 for Custom Firmware is Released
  131. PSP Games on PlayStation Vita with a PS3 is Revealed
  132. Another PlayStation-Kinect Camera Patent Uncovered
  133. [Released] Rogero CFW V3
  134. Exclusive: Team E3DIY: E3 Flasher now supports Fast Dual Boot and 4.11 downgrading
  135. Sony Can’t Produce Enough PS2s and PSPs to Meet Demand
  136. Dlc fİx nasil yapilir % 100 anlatim
  137. Cfw 4.00
  138. (sony removed arctic edge) VHBL will be released later today.
  139. The History of PlayStation Ads: PSOne ~ Come Sit Back and Relax
  140. The History of PlayStation Ads: PS2 ~ Come Sit Back and Relax
  141. ~~~~~~~~~Rogero CFW v3.1 is Out! BSOD Problems Fixed!~~~~~~
  142. Get PAL PSN games working on NTSC TV's that don't support 720/576 resolutions
  143. Condor Updater v1.0 [RELEASED]
  144. PS3DevWiki Remarry Guide – Remarry BD Drive On Firmware 3.55
  145. PS3 Sales surge, Vita plummets in Japan.
  146. Custom Firmware Validator
  147. PS3 Costum Firmware (CFW) Validator Released
  148. GDC: Quantic Dreams shows off new prototype video 'Kara'
  149. Ben Cousins of Ngmoco Believes that Mobile Gaming will Kill Consoles
  150. CryEngine 3 Visual Specs - Preview Trailer
  151. [Released] ASToolPS3 V2.3
  152. 3D Covers
  153. Mass Effect 3 DLC Files Found On Retail Disc
  154. PS3 Can Block Transfer of PSP & Other Game Titles To The PS Vita
  155. [Release] Multi PKG Tool
  156. [Released]Yet Another Bypass 1.7
  157. PS3 SCETool v0.2.5 by Naehrwert Out, Uses Metadata for Decryption
  158. Zipper Interactive Being Shut Down
  159. ReActPSN PS3 RAP2RIF .RAP to .RIF File Converter is Released
  160. XMBM+ PKG Compiler Toolkit - PS3 Package Builder and Distributer
  161. PSN Users Suffering From Connection Issues, Error Code 8071053D, Sony “Looking Into i
  162. NES Emulator BETA Released. CFW and OFW.
  163. PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) Validator Application v2.0 Arrives
  164. 910D0 Beta All-In-One Nintendo Emulator for PS3
  165. Hacking theories with New Firmware Building method
  166. [RELEASED]New Method to Use Cheat Codes
  168. Accused LulzSec hacker pleads guilty in Sony breach
  169. WayForward Developing New Double Dragon Game
  170. Sony Is Above The Law And You Will Always Lose
  171. JB-King Responds to True Blue's Threats
  172. Sony, Microsoft remove sex offenders from online games, ACLU questions effectiveness
  173. Half-Byte Loader creator talks homebrew and Sony’s fight against pirates on Vita
  174. WARNING! Venix Downgrade GUI May Cause PS3 Bricks
  175. US plan to hack into games consoles
  176. Caprice32 4.1.0 DBG Amstrad CPC 8-Bit Emulator PS3 Port Arrives
  177. ESRB President Discusses AO Ratings, “Good for the System”
  178. Sony Revises Expected Loss to $6.4 Billion
  179. Showtime Media Player update 3.5.122
  180. Sony Confirms Job Cuts, Placing Larger Emphasis on Games Division Going Forward
  181. Sony Japan blends the Torne PS3 TV tuner with 500GB of NAS, calls it Nasne
  182. Redemption 'FINALL' brings Vengeance
  183. [Released] PlayStation Suite SDK 0.98
  184. DemonHades shows off 'Dynarec', powerful emulator system for the ps3
  185. Next VBHL game announced.
  186. New Sony Projector Can Show, Record Notes Scribbled Onto the Screen
  187. [update 4/27] Survey Hints at a Rayman Origins Sequel [confirmed]
  188. [UPDATED 10/26/2012] Showtime Media Player-Testing-4.1.206-gaa63055
  189. [Released] XMB eEIDx Dumper
  190. Failure to understand hackers led to Sony security woes
  191. How to post news...Seriously
  192. {Released}SPU Emulation pre Alpha (Let your x86 emulate the SPU)
  193. Jenova Chen: “Sony Has A More Artistic And Adult-Focused Taste”
  194. Sony shares fall to 32 year low as future plans are labeled 'optimistic'
  195. Memdump v0.01
  196. PS3 Preloader Advance v3.1 by JaicraB Out for JFW DH 3.56 MA CFW
  197. MA BD TOOL v0.8 is now available
  198. UPDATED - XMB Integrated File Manager Beta v0.06c - (WIP / POC)
  199. Geohot wants to return to the 'Scene'
  200. Super street fighter 4 arcade edition ps3 duplex 1.06 and 1.07 patch pkg works on 3.5
  201. PS3 edat encryption/decryption tools released [Update]
  202. PSU Progress For You
  203. Sony Patents PS SkEYEnet To Watch Your Every Move, Emotion
  204. SCEA patents advertising that interrupts gameplay
  205. UFO Racer v3.0 – PS3 (homebrew by thatotherdev)
  206. Sony Introduces PSN Ultimate Editions Hitting PlayStation Store
  207. Team REBUG - Brings PSN back for everyone to enjoy!
  208. List Games Online WAS Working fine with Rebug 4.11 Spoofer on 3.55 CFW
  209. Psn access
  210. [UPDATE] Multiman 04.03.01 Released
  211. Game Genie Save Editor for PS3
  212. Zadow wakes from slumber! The lost files of Dev Flash
  213. Sports Champions 2 announced!
  214. Sony making "Wonderbooks," with J.K. Rowling
  215. PlayStation Mobile is the new PlayStation Suite & deal signed with HTC
  216. Ps3Tools.v1 for Mac OsX 10.6 and 10.7
  217. WierdLooking Move Peripheral Patent Comes True, Now a Move Racing Wheel
  218. Oct0xor news
  219. [Update5] 'mmCM' (aka) 'multiMAN' v04.04.03 - Adds Blu-Ray Region Changer for movies
  220. Now you can use any controller on ANY console wit Cronus....
  221. Now you can use any gamepad on ANY console wit Cronus....
  222. wololo strikes again.Oc0xor about tb dongle
  223. [RELEASED] SPU Emulation v0.8 by KDSBest
  224. Sony Announces Cross-Platform Features for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.
  225. [Released] PS Seismograph 0.1.9
  226. [Released] NORSX 0.0.9 with TTF Support
  227. Showtime Plugin Youtube v1.5 - 720p/1080p Playback Fixed and Many Improvements
  228. UPDATE:statement from E3 Team regarding a new PS3 Jailbreak
  229. DeLiGhT Releases SELF/SPRX Decrypter - V0.6 BETA
  230. [CONFIRMED] Oct0xor Pwnd Ps3usercheat Dongle? More to come?
  231. How to update ninja gaiden 3 ps3 cfw 3.55 to 1.01 by john2
  232. Taking Aim at Cheaters in Max Payne 3
  233. Sony Copies Microsoft, Offers Free PlayStation for Students
  234. Wii U a ‘potential risk’ to PlayStation, according to Sony.
  235. PS3 Dualshock goes gold with new contorller
  236. PS3 Game Updates v1.0 by aldostools
  237. [Released] Solar 4.2 by CondorStrike
  238. Final Fantasy XIII-2 EBOOT Fixed [3.41+3.55] NO TB DONGLE REQUIRED
  239. PS3 4.11 Install Package Files on OFW Modified Shop / Kiosk Firmware
  240. PS3 Firmware 4.20 Incoming (June 26)
  241. PS3 OFW 4.20 released, Rebug's 4.11 Spoofer not working anymore :/
  242. [UPDATED] PS3Tools GUI Edition v2.1
  243. Sayonara TB, Welcome E3
  244. [Released] Rogero CFW V3.2 with 4.20 Spoofer
  245. PSN_SEN Activator_Desactivator:supports all CFW
  246. oct0xor releases 'ps3usercheat' v2.2 info
  247. [Kmeaw users] PSN enabler and disabler + spoof firmware v4.20
  248. NoRSX v0.1.1 Released
  249. PS3Tools GUI Edition v2.5 Released
  250. JB-King Dongle PB2 v1.02 FW Compatibility Explained