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  42. legit or not?
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  46. can you play ps1 and ps3 games through the ps4 through a Emulator or something else
  47. how to burn ps4 discs to pc with blu ray drive
  48. how do you remove the padlock from a ps4 game on external usb hard drive to boot up
  49. how do you dump a ps4 game that is higher than 4.55 firmware is it possible
  50. Completely new to PS4! Help me! PS Plus
  51. need a blu ray drive that burns ps4 discs to pc are there any that will do that
  52. how do you change a ps4 game iso file to a pkg file
  53. Artemis haxxxen ps3 cheat app like gamegene can anyone get this to work for ps4
  54. could someone get this PS3 RetroArchGUICHEATS to work for the ps4 to play retrogames
  55. 5.05 exploit questions
  56. how do you decrypt a ps4 pkg game or iso file on 5.05 firmware
  57. Running PS4 games that were downloaded to External HDD
  58. canyou merge all dlcs to 1 fulldlc or can youextract a dlcandput it inwith the folder