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  1. PS3 FINALLY HACKED: A Tutorial [play pirated + homebrew games]
  2. Report & FeedBack
  3. Trophy Hacking
  4. How to get a PS3 game Title ID
  5. Guide: How to Change PS3 Fonts on the PlayStation 3 Console
  6. A Video Tutorial For New PS3 Break Users
  7. PSFreedom on HTC HD2
  8. How to: PSGroove port for Sixaxis
  9. gta iv game mods
  10. The PIC18F4550 USB Dev Kit
  11. How to Modded Lobbies on CoD: MW2
  13. Simple internal file copy without ftp
  14. Ridicules Ultimate How to Guide? inc files
  15. [Tutorial] How to play ONLINE with xlink kai! Supports any game with LAN!
  16. How to save Trophies when upgrading a HDD on a Jailbroken PS3
  17. Modern Warfare 2 Fix (Works, but you can't save)
  18. {GUIDE} Black Ops Multiplayer Fix (Play Online via XLinkKai)
  19. TUT: How to fix MGS4 act 4 crash part!
  20. Update: Call of Duty BLACK OPS Easiest Instructions, Multiplayer Working
  21. [Guide] Xlink Kai with pictures noob friendly
  22. Run AC Brotherhood On Old JB which don't support installation of retail pkg.
  23. Play God of War Collection without using up 21gbs on your Internal HDD
  24. ACID CFW Custom Firmware Installation
  25. Blackcat usb jailbreak/downgrade/test/update tutorial + every firmware for ps3
  26. {VIDEO Tut} Metal Gear Solid 4 Act 4 crash fix for jailbreak
  27. Make Uploaded PSN Titles Compatable with 3.55-jb (Geohot CFW)
  28. How to remove Geohotz CFW Tutorial
  29. How to FTP File to your PS3
  30. [TUT] manually export photos in gt5 for those that experience freezing
  31. PKG Builder
  32. [TUT]Easier and more noob proof way to backup a game to pkg!
  33. How to get Rock Band Green Day to work on internal [Tested and approved!]
  34. Factory Mode for Noobs
  35. The easyiest way to run backup games on your cfw
  36. Mod just cause 2 on ps3!!!
  37. NOOB FRIENDLY- how to change NTFS external harddrive partition to FAT32
  38. Skip System Update of 3.56 on 3.55 and go online on 3.55!
  39. What to do now that PSN is down (REMOVE REBUG CFW-TUTORIAL HERE)
  40. Ps3jig tutorial step by step!!! Get into service mod!!! using the psp!!!
  41. [tut]100% Working How to fix the Waninkoko brick for NAND consoles
  42. How To Get Any Lock PS3 Game Save To Work
  43. [TUTORIAL] Complete tutorial on installing Linux on 3.55 (WORKS FOR SLIM) *UPDATED*
  44. [Tutorial] How To Unbrick Your PS3 If You Have The 5 Beeps Whilst Using Service Read
  45. List Of Ps3 Error Codes and their explanation
  46. If you updated to 3.55 kmeaw and copied games have a black screen, click here!
  47. Transferring Games via FTP - Mac Tutorial
  48. How To Delete Unwanted Trophies - By Blackotoo
  49. ****PSN: still asking for update ~~FIX~~
  50. How to get GTA IV: Complete Edition up and running!
  51. Medal of Honor Frontiline how to install pkg guide
  52. [Tutorial MAC ONLY W/PICS] Get on PSN with MAC+VM 100% Works flawless!!
  53. “How to Access Previously Purchased Non-’act.dat’ DLC Files”
  54. How to add custom backgrounds to your games. (works in multiMAN and on the XMB)
  55. 3.60 Version Spoofer v1.1 By Rebug Allows PSN Access!
  56. A Noob&Advanced Guide, How to Hack, add a Backup Manager, Emulators, Apps, + D/Loads
  57. How to remarry a bluray drive to other consoles!
  58. Noob Guide: How to Install 3.55 Venix PRO-A CFW!
  59. [Guide] How to transfer files to external HDD that are more than 4GB!!! EASY no split
  60. If your disk is not spinning anymore, try this.
  61. [TUT]Free Games from PSN Store on ReBug CFW (PKG LINKS ADDED) UPDATED
  62. Uncharted 2 External AND Internal
  63. If your Rebug/Debug CFW setting disappear or cant do quick sign up.
  64. All Rockband & RB3 DLC via 355.1 Rebug
  65. Thread Not Appearing? Read Here
  66. [TUT] Project Diva: Dreamy Theater on Rebug 3.55
  67. [Guide] Create Colour Boot Logo
  68. [TUTORIAL] how to make your own custom firmware (3.55 or lower)
  69. *[HD]*[*TUTORAL*] How to Use PSARC.exe [****NEW*VIDEO]
  70. Add An Extra USB Port To Rear Of PS3 Slim (Not for the weak hearted)
  71. [PS3]Tutorial - How to fix command Sixaxis - PS3
  72. Latest manual of PS3 Game HDD
  73. FIX - 5 EASY STEPS - Mortal Kombat 110 % WORKING ON 3.41 !!
  74. How to Turn a Kiosk into Retail PS3 Without Downgrade via Acid CFW
  75. Tutorial - How To Change the Region of Your PS3 Blu-ray Drive
  76. How to remove Rebug 3.55/3.41 CFW!
  77. Hack any PS3 (3.55 or lower) with any Nokia with Symbian60
  78. [FASTER]FTP via LAN cable directly to pc
  79. How To Set Up And Run xLink Kai Program - Noob Friendly-
  80. PS3 Green Light On and System Won't Start" 4 Penny FIX Tutorial
  81. Playing games that are split in multiman 2.00.1
  82. [Tutorial] Any HD format on ps3 1080p-720p
  84. PS3 FW 3.61 Spoofer Released ~ Fake 3.61 ~ Not working Online anymore
  85. [Tut] Install Linux to external USB with dual-boot ReBug OtherOS++ MFW [Easy]
  86. MultiMAN beginner's guide (How to play backups and everything with it)
  87. XBSLink Hosting + Tutorial ~ Noob Friendly ~
  88. Sixaxis Emulator–Play PS3 Games With Keyboard And Mouse (Linux or equivalent needed)
  89. Download Game PKGs/Fixes manually without connecting the PS3 to the Internet.
  90. PS3 xLinkKai Tutorial (LAN Gameplay)
  91. how to get high velocity bowling working on 3.55 kneaw
  92. [Tutorial] Quick way to transfer PES 2011 option files + option files on any version
  93. How to turn your Ps3 Eye into a Webcam
  94. !!!How to Transfer Data from 3.65 PS3 to 3.55 PS3
  95. Set your router into a dmz to optimize ps3s online gaming!
  96. How To Use Ipod Touch/Iphone/Ipad As A Ps3 Remote
  97. ULTIMATE TOOLZ: Extract PSARC - Convert BIK - Play XVAG (WINDOWS)
  98. How to mod oblivion on the Ps3
  99. How to make an External Hard Drive with USB 3.0 work on PS3 SLIM! (very simple)
  100. [Tut] Install linux to internal HDD with dual-boot OtherOS++ MFW [Advanced]
  101. Create PS3 Themes Tutorial
  102. Downgrade from 3.55 to any Older Firmware ! [SAFE WITH QA TOKEN]
  103. PS3 Fat32format into highest size StepbyStep 100% TESTED - 49KB only
  104. How to take care of your PS3
  105. {Tutorial} How to PROPERLY do a Data Transfer
  106. PS3 YLoD Oven Fix Tutorial Merged
  107. How to make tv channels pluggins for showtime
  108. Ultimate Playstation 3 Repair/Upgrade Guide
  109. [Tutorial][3.66 only] How-to bypass PS3 firmware v3.70 system update
  110. Blu Ray drive bypass firmware for people with broken/no bd drive
  111. fallout new vegas mods.
  112. Rebug Update Package 0.3 for Rebug CFW 3.55.2 & 3.41.3! (NO PSN ACCESS :/ )
  113. [Progskeet][Hardmod] Downgrade from 3.7 to 3.55! [Tutorial+Vids]
  114. [UPDATED] Save up space on internal HDD! [210+ Rip Games+More!] CONTRIBUTE NOW!
  115. How to use ANY ps3 hdd in your ps3 without formatting
  116. How To Play .MKV Files On Your PS3 **NOOB FRIENDLY**
  117. Update ps3 from usb (for n00bs) (+updates)
  118. [F.A.Q] A n00bs Guide To All Things Related To PS3 Hacking
  119. How to fix update loops caused by broken blu ray drives.
  120. Cobra USB Manager - Re-skinned and HOW TO - Only for Official Cobra USB Dongle
  121. Using any ps3 save on any ps3
  122. [Tutorial] IR Mod – Install An IR Sensor In The PS3
  123. Make Your Own Custom User Image!
  124. TUTORIAL: Recover Blu-Ray Playback on 256mb FAT PS3
  125. (discBoot)Play ps3 backups from DVD or BLU-RAY!
  126. [TUT] Hatsune Miku Project Diva Dreamy Theater 3.55 kmeaw fix
  127. Compatibility List : Playing PSN Games Off a USB Hardrive - Game Data Tool
  128. [Noobfriendly Tutorial] Use ReACTPsn to activate your PSN games
  129. Rebug 3.55.2 and How to ReActPSN v2.0 complete tutorial
  130. [Mini-tutorial] Organizing your apps/games by categories (No PRAM.SFO NEEDED)
  131. How to get all Zombie DLC Possible for BLUS COD:BO using ReactPSN
  132. How to install E3 Flasher on slim PS3!
  133. [TUT] How to resize PS3 Game Movies to save up space
  134. How To Make Return to Ostegar DLC work with Dragon Age Origins EUR
  135. Installation tutorial jfw 3.56 dh ma
  136. [GUIDE)How to make RDR US Undead Nigthmare DLC work on Euro version
  137. In game xmb music on non-supported games via cfw. Works on GTA 4 complete Edition!
  138. how to FTP without internet on PS3
  139. How to Properly Burn PS3 games to DVD DVD-DL or BD-R
  140. [TUTORIAL] Mafia II - All DLC Working (without ReActPSN)
  141. How To Split/Install .pkg Files Over 4GB & Rejoin Them With MultiMAN
  142. Troubleshooting Backups.
  143. How To Play FIFA12 On Ex.HDD.
  144. E3 flasher tutorial update + psp service mode
  145. [ADVANCED] ''Install Package Files'' on OFW 4.00
  146. Method for checking how far back your PS3's FW can be downgraded
  147. Tutorial DECRYPT NPDRM
  148. Methology to run Backup(Afro Samurai) & PSN PS1 FIX Games 3.56+ (w/additional theory)
  149. How to launch psn games from external HDD By XHXHMDXRX And puchin
  150. Tutorial: swap between different PS3 firmware (CFW, OFW, or MFW)
  151. How To Watch Toonami Aftermath On Your PlayStation 3. CFW NOT NEEDED
  152. TrueBlue Game compatibility thread
  153. Do not post a thread asking for help here!
  154. [TUTORIAL] Create A Custom PS3 Coldboot on PS3 install
  155. reActPSN: PSN Games/DLC The Easy Way!
  156. Tools_Guides_PSN Links_Games_Add-ons
  157. Street Fighter X Tekken tip
  158. How To Convert (.DFU/.HEX/.bin) and How To Change Target Device Memory for DRM device
  159. How To Convert (.DFU/.HEX/.bin) and How To Change Target Device Memory for DRM device
  160. [Extract any License, DRM file Content PKG from OFW 4.11 etc on PSN.]
  161. True Blue - Few things to know before starting to use
  162. Something u can try with a broken BR laser
  163. UMvC3 Alt Costumes Glitch
  164. Format External HD in FAT32
  165. Skyrim PS3 mod tutorial for noobs(SKYRIM.INI edit) And probably load dlc's this way.
  166. Iron Man 2 Freezeing Fix
  167. GTA IV Complete Edition Internal Fix
  168. [TUT] List over: Model & OFW & NOR/NAND & more..
  169. how to make latest update fixed for 3.55 to work online
  170. Tutorial for red dead redemption play online with spoof rebug 4.11 on CFW 3.55
  171. TUTORIAL - Launch PSN Games from multiMAN
  172. how to change ur password on for ur psn account
  173. How to Host MW2 1.11 Lobbies on True Blue Firmware (without E3 Fix)
  174. Tutorial Play blackops using f..ckpsn only
  175. How To Update Fifa 12 And Play Without Any Error EXEtrimALL Version
  176. How To Run Backups On DEX 3.6+
  177. [Tutorial] How To Create A PKG That Install edats
  178. [Update3]~~~~ The Ultimate Cex To Dex Guide ~~~~[Video Added]
  179. [tut]how to downgrade to 3.55dex from 4.20dex and use multiman to play backups
  180. [tutorial] Quick & easy n00b otherOS install for CEX2DEX - NO FORMATTING!
  181. How to convert your CEX flash dump to DEX - the easy way!!!
  182. SCREEN CAPTURE for EVERYONE! Including True Blue/Cobra - Using PS3usercheat PKG
  183. ~~~~~>> How To Convert A Retail Update PKG to DEX Update PKG [NOOB Friendly]
  184. Working with .emu files for your BDemu hard drive
  185. Decrypt PS3 Updates Tutorial
  186. Link index for game updates. (3.60 updates)
  187. [tutorial] How to fix a DEX->CEX brick
  188. [TUT] Convert 3.60 Games/Patches to 3.55 [FOR NOOBS]
  189. simplest tutorial way ever seen to change cex to dex on 10 minutes without linux
  190. how to De-Hash your ps3 (downgraded before) to safely change it to dex
  191. [Tutorial] How to Run Journey Collector's Edition with BDemu (UPDATE Sept 6)
  192. Cex To Dex To CEX Tutorial
  193. (UPDATED)How to downgrade from Rogero CFW 4.30/4.21 to CFW 3.55
  194. How to use 4.21 Eboots resigner to fix PSN packages!
  195. How to convert your Dark Souls BLES01402 to work with PTD Edition (WORKS!)
  196. How to CFW a PS3 on 3.56+, 3.7x, 4.xx, 4.31 ect....
  197. [Tutorial] How To Use : Netflix On 3.55
  198. Tutorial: Retrieving your Console ID on OFW with sniffer
  199. How to UnBan Your PS3 Console from PSN or to avoid being Ban
  200. Apply PS3UserCheat Cheats to an EBOOT
  201. PS3 Repair Guide (PDF)
  202. Unban Your Self With Out Using Original PS Console ID [Confrimed By One Member on hax
  203. ★[TUTORIAL]★▆◤ ◥▆ How to FTP games to/from PS3 with Ethernet cable 800-1,200MB/MIN ✔
  204. ★[TUTORIAL]★ ▆◤ ◥▆ How to upgrade/change HDD while on Rogero 4.40/4.30 NOOB-PROOF ✔
  205. ★[TUTORIAL]★▆◤ ◥▆ How to create a NAND / NOR backup NOOB-PROOF ✔
  206. ★[TUTORIAL]★▆◤ ◥▆ Rogero 4.55 v1.00 How to update from ★ANY★ firmware ✔
  207. ★[TUTORIAL]★ ▆◤ ◥▆ How to enter Recovery Menu/ Safe Mode NOOB-PROOF(1 MINUTE) ✔
  208. ★[TUTORIAL]★ ▆◤ ◥▆ How to downgrade from Rogero 4.40 v1.03 to 3.55 CFW/OFW NOOBPROOF✔
  209. How To Fix Ps3 Games That Were Fixed For 3.55 To Be Working On 4.21+Cfw
  210. [TUTORIAL] Backup PS3 Profile+Saves+Trophies without PSN
  211. ★[TUTORIAL]★▆◤ ◥▆ How to backup and restore Trophies Collection to USB or ext HDD ✔
  212. Make your own custom PSone Classics Tutorial
  213. The Ultimate Tutorial Thread All You Need To Know [Noob Friendly]
  214. Tutorial: Convert PS2 ISOs to PS2 Classics
  215. Mini-Tutorial : How to Multiple PKG PS2 Games on your XMB
  216. Loading PS2 Games via multiMAN 04.30.00
  217. ★[TUTORIAL]★▆◤ ◥▆ Play PS2 .ISO games on Rogero 4.30-4.40 (with PS2 games manager!) ✔
  218. ★[TUTORIAL]★▆◤ ◥▆ How to resign and activate ★ANY★ .pkg - ReactPSN for 4.21 - 4.40 ✔
  219. How to FIX the (99 percent ) update stuck!!!!!!
  220. Tutorial - Resign Any .PKG to 4.21+
  221. [Tutorial] How to Change Your PSP Mini's Logo
  222. Tutorial: Gibbed Editor Working with PS3 Mass Effect 3 saves (OFW and CFW)
  223. How To Protect Yourself Using PSN Tool v1.0 [Noob Tutorial]
  224. Remove Singstar icon From xmb completely without singstar xmb replacement installer
  225. [TUTORIAL] PS3 Skyrim Replacer Textures Working!! *UPDATE 7/5 FACEMODS+CBBE+MAINMENU
  226. PS2 Classic Manager save mod
  227. TuT - DEX Bypass PSN Requirement on Netflix and more
  228. Transfer files from Old HDD into New HDD using Multiman
  229. Get your Pre-loaded PSN GTA V work on 4.46cfw
  230. Access PS3 Via ANDROID [writeable dev_flash access too]
  231. -How To Play Online- *noob friendly* (10/31/13)
  232. rogero 4.46 cfw to 4.46 rebug rex(DEX)cfw the rite way(in my opinion)
  233. Take ""INGAME"" "SNAPSHOT" of any "PS3" Game.
  234. Make RetroXMB games
  235. How to Fully Extract Rar Files With CRC Errors and Corrupted Volumes
  236. RSOD fix Tutorial
  237. -How to update to 4.50 CFW & back down to 3.55-
  238. [Noobfriendly Tutorial] How to use 355 fixes inside CFW 4xx
  239. NBA 2K14 (BLUS31204) Max Skill Points Cheat - Tutorial.
  240. [Noobfriendly TUTORIAL] How to Fix Save Game Data Corrupt inside the ELF
  241. [Tutorial] How to make Xbox 360 Minecraft Skin Packs work on the PS3
  242. *Tutoral*: How to FTP with multiMAN [4gb+ games/packages, themes, saves]
  243. How To Transfer To Internal HDD With Blu-ray/DVD Burner (4gb+ files/games)
  244. [TUTORIAL][CFW] How To Platinum Any Game
  245. How to run ps3 games discless
  246. How to jailbreak your NOR PS3 with an E3 flasher
  247. How to run psx games on ps3.
  248. [Release] Spoofer for 4.55 to 4.60 CEX Custom Firmwares, not compatible with Cobra or
  249. Downgrade 4.60cfw no HDD formatting or saves lost
  250. 4.65 Spoofer for All CFW