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  1. i need help(a LOT of help so get ready(note its about pcsx2))
  2. What kind of speeds should I expect from the emulator? [in progress]
  3. Guitar Hero 2
  4. Problems With FFXII
  5. I have a problem
  6. Progect Px2: ps2 emu for psp
  7. Read this before asking for PS2 emulation help [IMPORTANT!!!!]
  8. Help pls @-@
  9. PCSX 2 GS error plugin
  10. ok, sorry guys but what does it mean by get the bios from the ps2?:-\
  11. ok im really really close! can sum1 help me? :D
  12. error opening CDVD plugin (pcsx2)
  13. SETUP for Kingdom Hearts II on PCSX 0.9.4
  14. Breath Of Fire 5 Problems
  15. How to work ps emulator
  16. Best settings for ps2 emulator?
  17. Need Help About Emulation Please Look And Help Karma WIll Be Given
  18. SMALL Question! and i need big help.
  19. ps2 emulation problem
  20. ps2 emulation question
  21. what directory do i put the game.iso's in
  22. My only problem is with the iso.
  23. Naruto Shippuuden Narutimate Accel 2
  25. emulator errors
  26. 'DVD Player Not Set Up' Error but I have the BIOS so why not work?
  27. Yeah, I got a question
  28. Best settings for a fighter game?
  29. Kingdom Hearts eye glitch...
  30. got avatar the burning earth come here ↓
  31. Help With my emulater.
  32. how do i use the emulator
  33. ps2 emulator problems: Controller.
  34. need help playing
  35. Error With Ps2 Emulator
  36. PCSX2 Help
  37. Need Help!
  38. which is the best config for pcsx2?
  39. Pxsx2 problem please help!!
  40. Pcsx2 Game Problem
  41. help me???
  42. applying patches
  43. Anybody? Here are my PC specs,Can it handle Pcsx2?
  44. Help With SNES Station PLEASE
  45. Need Help(Error Opening GS plugins & Error Opening CDVD plugins)
  46. psx/ps1 on ps2
  48. Pcsx2
  49. bios
  50. HELP!!
  51. Have a question
  52. Pcx2 Help! Plz
  53. Please Help me with pcsx2!
  54. PCSX2 Error
  55. help
  56. help me plz
  58. I need help
  59. umm heh help
  60. pcsx2 games
  61. Can someone post the BIOS here?
  62. Will making the speed from 4x to 8x make emulation faster?
  63. Problems with running games
  64. pls help me do my emulator
  65. Some help please
  66. Having troubles running a game
  67. R my specs good enough now
  68. How Do You Get PCSX2 0.94 To Work
  69. Narutimate Accel 2 help!!!
  70. pcsx2 help
  71. Patches for pcsx2
  72. Need heelp with sound and gfx problems
  73. Narutimate Accel 2 help, controller ??
  74. Playing the Game !!!
  75. Reccomendations for settings on pcsx2?
  76. someone please help with pcsx2
  77. Naruto Konoha Spirits
  78. Problem GS plugin error
  79. Help with pcsx2
  80. roms/iso?
  81. plis helpppp
  82. pcsx2 emulator.... Nooby question!!!! =\
  83. wat will work on the vista?
  84. problem about PCSX2???
  85. Need help, I'm new
  86. cani i use a real game with the emulator?
  87. im new here
  88. so what now?
  89. Need help regarding the Pcsx2 Emulator
  90. final fantasy X international help
  91. I have a question about the ps2 emulation
  92. Help on PCSX2 needed
  93. Whats Wrong With Laptops
  94. Converting files to iso
  95. help with config
  96. Help Me With This Error PLEEAASSSEE!!!!!!!!
  97. PCSX2 Crashes when starting games
  98. How well do you run PCSX2?
  99. HELP! Error opening GS plugin?
  100. Anyone can help me on psx2?
  101. Query on GBC or GBA or GB emu For PS2
  102. ps2 emulator usb controller
  103. HELP! plz Alien hominid patch not found!
  104. problem with bleach blade battlers 2 plz help
  105. Help with booting games
  106. Speed up PXCS2 0.9.4 in a Laptop?
  107. pcsx playstation2 emulator for pc question
  108. Secondary Noob alert!!! (this is horrible!) Pcsx2 error
  109. Baldr Force EXE its just black
  110. The Black Screen of Death!!!!!!!!
  111. pcsx2 0.9.4 emulation help
  112. did you get the same error?
  113. cant start a game
  114. direct X ps2 emu help.
  115. Help please i just need this question answered
  116. I need help please
  117. Do these isos work on emulators such as pcsx2?
  118. Can I play isos that I download from this site on PCSX2?
  119. Please help a black screen comes out when i run a game
  120. Pcsx Problem
  121. Can This computer run Naruto: Ultimate ninja 3?
  122. How can i make my pcsx2 0.9.4 faster? And sometimes it gets crashed plis help!!
  123. graphics card
  124. Budokai af wont work.
  125. Can my pc run the ps2 emulator?
  126. I get an arror!! WAt to do??
  127. Why I cant play Narutos Ultimate Ninja 3 Ultimate combat?
  128. ps2 emulator
  129. Help! I have error with graphics on pcsx2 with Final Fantasy X
  130. is my computer fast enough to play at least ultimate ninja 1 or 2 at fair speed
  131. will it run
  132. Need help please
  133. Monster Rancher 4.
  134. Need the perfect plugins
  135. help me please
  136. I have a question
  137. Trying to run pcsx2.
  138. error w/ pcsx2 0.9.4 first time user
  139. Can This Laptop Can Play Pcsx2 Games At Full Speed!!!
  140. games wont load using pcsx2 0.9.4 please help
  141. Tenkaichi 2 Black Screen
  142. Okay, so... (play games with pcsx2)
  143. quick question?
  144. Running SRW OGS
  145. help...?
  146. Playing a savgame
  147. PCSX2 FPS low speed
  148. How to...?
  149. Help! Game runs WAY too slow
  150. extreme low fps with high end Computer
  151. KH 2 FM+ Playing Slowly.
  152. Bleach Blade Battlers, Slow Gameplay
  153. Looking for a PC emu for the ps2
  154. Looking for all kinds of PS2 emulators
  155. Best configuration? / Persona 3
  156. general question
  157. Running isos on Pcx2 0.9.4 with these specs
  158. system cnf not found
  159. Tenkaichi 3 Graphic bug , Help pls
  160. My emulator is going too slow
  161. help with isos plz
  162. ISO Question
  163. Full speed ps2 emulation possible with only 1 core?
  164. how to use any cheat code model with pcsx2
  165. naruto ultimate accel 2 help
  166. ps2 bios pack, all you will ever need
  167. Regarding pcsx2
  168. Help Running A ps2 game
  169. Question about FCE Ultra for PS2
  170. ps2 usb controller help
  171. My specs for wild arms 4
  172. can't run games
  173. Help running Dragon Quest 7 on pcsx2 9.4
  174. PCSX2 (Can i run it at full Speed)
  175. TOD Remake DC
  176. How do i play ps2 games from the disc on pcsx2
  177. Shaky Screen Problem
  178. i know this has been said before somewhere but.........
  179. please help with pcsx2! :(
  180. Kingdom Hearts Problem
  181. GT4 Only beginning screen appears?
  182. what do you think ?
  183. pcsx2 help
  184. The Best Settings for PCSX2
  185. PCSX 2 0.9.5 svn
  186. Slow Downs in PCSX - I need your help!!!
  187. How to run a game
  188. Is there anyway I can speed up my pcsx2?
  189. Anyone like PS2 on PC?
  190. noob at this downloading stuff
  191. is my computer capable?
  192. "Pcsx2 Msg" i got an error and i dont know how to fix it
  193. how do i open the ps2 dvd game in my dvd rom
  194. help with ELF file x_x
  195. Help configuring my pcsx2 with naruto
  196. BigDaddy
  197. I need help plzzz....
  198. A few question from a newbie...take it easy on me pl0x >.<
  199. Dragon Quest VIII with pcsx2 0.9.6
  200. Isos on Emuators?
  201. Screen shakes
  202. Help!
  203. Good graphic plugins
  204. Cheating with PCSX2 0.9.6
  205. Better FPS?
  206. NTSC-U convert to NTSC-U
  207. Hi, Just wondering...What are the MINIMUM specs, in order to run Pcsx2 0.9.6
  208. ya i cant get a ps2 game 2 work in my emulator
  209. persona 4 not working in emulator
  210. Memcards...
  211. Hello
  212. Heelpp!
  213. Need Help
  214. Which of these games work
  215. Pcsx2-beta-976 issues
  216. Star Ocean Till the End of Time
  217. Can someone explain to me how what to do.
  218. Need Help: Legaia 2: Duel Saga
  219. Need help For Legaia 2:Duel Saga
  220. Need help For Legaia 2:Duel Saga
  221. After hijsplit... what?
  222. "Illegal Disc"?
  223. New at this
  224. Problem with PCSX2 (Black Screen)
  225. does the performance depend on the game?
  226. my ps2 emulation doesn't work
  227. Please HELP!
  228. help plzzz
  229. i can`t play the pcsx2?? need help
  230. King of Fighters XI
  231. FFx Question On Pcsx2
  232. Problem
  233. Problem with Dynasty Warriors 6 cinematics
  234. Flickering Problem
  235. 1 question
  236. Can u help me plzzz
  237. PCSX2 emulating help
  238. PCSX2 Help please.
  239. how to use the iso to my ps2 emu??
  240. Just a noob who needs help
  241. Please Help Me
  242. Odin Sphere help?
  243. does xbox360 wired controller able to play with ps2 emu?
  244. tbl missing
  245. pc specs for pcsx2
  246. configureing your ps2 emulator 100%
  247. I wonder if these Laptop Specs are good enough for me to use pcsx2?
  248. A serious question about how emulation works.
  249. Zatch bell mamodo fury on emulator
  250. Please suggest me a game of this specs.(pcsx2)