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  1. Wanna make ur own swap card?
  2. how to use CogSwap
  3. Swap Magic Slide Card Tutorial (Detailed)
  4. Will the Breaker Pro that came with SwapMagic let me play pirated PS1 games?
  5. Noob Swap Magic questions PLZ HELP!
  6. Any legit site to buy Swap Magic?
  7. How To Launch Homebrew And ELF'S With Swap Magic CODER 3.8
  8. Anyway to boot CDs through the Swap magic DVD disk?
  9. Newbie
  10. Which is better to buy now: Fat or Slim?
  11. Few questions about Swap Magic.
  12. Must you have a mod chip to use swap magic?
  13. Magic Keys 2 or Magic Keys 3
  14. Can Anyone Help? -- Swap Magic 3.6 DVD Disc doesn't load games :(
  15. Booting cheat devices with Swap Magic
  16. slow loading times
  17. pal ntsc question
  18. I'm having problems using Cogswap
  19. whats the difference between special boot and normal boot?
  20. Swap Magic
  21. mod-disk?
  22. Im thinking of getting swap magic
  23. I bought Swap Magic
  24. Any way to back-up Swap discs?
  25. Does playing DVD's ruin ps2 ???
  26. couple of questions
  27. Game System Repair Guides
  28. Need help with swap magic
  29. 2 Disk
  30. Swap Magic Help please
  31. Where to obtain a swap magic
  32. Oni cd and swap magic 3.6 DVD cannot play oni
  33. Swap Magic CD wont load...Disc read error
  34. Help me please!!
  35. Best Place to buy Swap Magic!
  36. iso unknown format or damaged
  37. ff12 undub and bleach blade battlers 2...
  38. I need a swapmagic.elf...please.
  39. canw e play ntsc games on pal system with swap maguic?
  40. probably a newb question
  41. Just wondering
  42. Codebreaker 7+ codes in Swap Magic Coder
  43. Slide card hard?
  44. where can you buy swap magic in the UK?
  45. does memorex work
  46. am i starting better than before
  47. which swap magic do i buy?
  48. magix swap game lag
  49. Im like ordering swap magic right now , i got a question
  50. Im downloading from torrents how wud i put this
  51. just wanted to know
  52. is this a good site?
  53. I Have A question
  54. Outised links. <Yes... very much on topic>
  55. Playing Double disc Games...
  56. Ultimate Collection
  57. Persona 3 Undub
  58. Magic keys, magic switch, slim tool, etc. Whats' best?
  59. A question about swap magic. more specifically, the fliptop for the slim.
  60. Can someone tell me if I did this right?
  61. Okay i was choosing either slide card or modchip or flip top
  62. will this gameshark type work for backing up ps1 games
  63. If you can't use backup versions of swap magic...
  64. I've got the swapmagic cd , but not the dvd.
  65. Tutorial - Easier cleaner swap magic mod. Slim only.
  66. please help
  67. Magic Switch Pro V3 SCPH-77001?
  68. Possible to switch disc game with SwapMagic?
  69. ps2 nightz into dreamz?
  70. ps2 game not run properly
  71. I just recieved swap magic
  72. WTF "Please Insert Ps2 or Ps1 Format Disk"
  73. Help with burning ISO, etc.
  74. Burning settings for games
  75. Trusted dealers other than modchipxca
  76. PROBLEM ! cant play !
  77. Playing Pal games with Swap Magic
  78. Magic Switch
  79. Do You Need Swap Magic To Play Burnt Games?
  80. Need Help For Swap Magic +Karma
  82. Swap Magic - CD R Not Working Help?
  83. SwapMagic3.6 Issues...
  84. Where to get swap magic
  85. Problem installing the 3rd piece of swap magic tool on slim
  86. HD loader vs. Swap Magic
  87. Swap Magic 3 help/ dbz tenkaichi 3
  88. Ultimate Swap Collection help!
  89. Gocybershop.com?
  90. advice on what swap magic to get
  91. Champions: Return to Arms
  92. Where to get Swap Magic in Uk ??? WITHOUT USING CREDIT/DEBIT CARD!!
  93. Didn't know where to put this
  94. Boot PS2 backups without swap magic or modchip?
  96. EA games with swap magic 3.6
  97. swap magic nd ps2 slim
  98. how to block the 3 sensors on the ps2 slim so you can play ps1 and ps2 backups
  99. How to use Swap Magic v3.8 on fat ps2?
  100. slide card without swap magic?
  101. Swap magic..
  102. Ps2 PAL Help
  103. What to buy?
  104. Mac Software that will allow me to burn games
  105. help? how do i boot ps2 game iso off a usb flashdrive with swap magic coder?
  106. How to play a psx disk using the swap method?
  107. Is Mine Moded?
  108. Possible to save game with 2 discs game with SwapMagic 3.6?
  109. swap magic 3.6!!!!!
  110. Swap Magic 3.6 Arrived: Problems
  111. game codes for swapmagic Coder?
  112. games are starting to run slooww..
  113. does swap magic mork with....
  114. need help with ultimate swap disk
  115. URGENT question that has been asked by several and still unanswered
  116. Any places to order Swap Magic that have free return shipping if defective?
  117. Does it work with...
  118. NES Emulator for Swap Magic 3.6
  119. installing swap magic v3.6 on fat ps2
  120. My Magic Swap flip top concern...
  121. What exactly is TOC (Table of Contents)?
  122. Can my UK TV play NTSC games with Swap Magic
  123. can i burn my own swap magic dvd?
  124. Game Won't Start Up
  125. Do dvd-v discs work with swap magic?
  126. buy a swap magic on store?
  127. Swap Magic!! Help lz
  128. Swap Magic TOC Issue.
  129. can someone help me on magic swap 3.6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  130. Magic Switch Pro v3 or Flip Top Cover
  131. NEED HELP!!!
  132. swap magic 3.8 with Bujingai the forsaken city
  133. Help me please with swap magic v3.6 plus
  134. !Help naruto Ultimate ninja 3 (NTSC) don't work with Swap magic 3:3(old maybe?)
  135. What is the swap magic?
  136. What is the difference between swap magic 3.6 and swap magic 3.8?
  138. Multiple questions
  139. Im back and i need help 4 once[color=green][/color]
  140. i got swap magic 3.6 but?????????
  141. Swap Magic
  142. need help
  143. Help Needed For Modding
  144. FMV Jumpy using swap magic 3.6 and dvd-R
  145. Swap magic vs cogswap which do you recomend?
  146. swap magic
  147. CD or DVD ?
  148. Buying swap magic v3.6
  149. Black/White screen
  150. Trouble with import games and cogswap
  151. Latest Swap Magic version and where to buy????????
  152. Magic 3 install - help
  153. Small Buggers...
  154. ps2 cd backups/copys
  155. Naruto Accel 2 ISO BURN WON'T WORK! HELP?!?!?!
  156. Retail Swap Magic Disks
  157. Guy's need serious help here. Much appreciated if you help.
  158. Trying to cut through the confusion about HD Loader
  159. Burning ISO's on windows vista
  160. I THINK I HAVE A GOOD QUESTION!!!??? An Investigation by Itachi and Zagrom
  161. Question about TOC
  162. Cool Program (ISO Booster & Tutorial)
  163. How do i get started?
  164. Swap Magic 3.6 or 3.8(coder)?
  165. Swap Magic+ESR?
  166. Swap Magic not working.
  167. Reliable place to buy swap magic.
  168. random question about booting
  169. Two Quick Questions
  170. Getting GameShark working with SwapMagic
  171. Help install the freemcboot!
  172. Problem with swap magic or my ps2?
  173. Swap Magic?
  174. Got myself a new PS2
  175. Need help with Scph-90001
  176. GameShark + Swap Magic CD Version Problem
  177. I got my Swap Magic Disk v.36 BUT...
  178. slide tool
  179. Is it possible to....
  180. Black Screen After Playstation 2 Logo when booting SM V3.6
  181. Using AR evo max on a SCPH-9xxxxx
  182. Issue With Swap Magic CD Driver
  183. Quick Question
  184. Run Swap Magic through Free McBoot?
  185. Question about Slide Method
  186. Swap Magic v3.6 plus problem
  187. Free mcboot and swapmagic questions..
  188. Swap Magic and newer games:
  189. can swap magic 3 load external hard drive?
  190. swap magic won't boot.
  191. Start, won't start.
  192. Can I play PAL Games with Magic Swap?
  193. Swap magic 3.6 and AR max evo
  194. Request: FMCB DVD ISO
  195. Can swap magic play burned psx games?
  196. i lost the cd-rom of swap magic.. could i use the dvd to boot up a psx game?
  197. Request: AR Max dvd iso!
  198. how to use isobuster?
  199. Trying to Load game but it just doesn't load...
  200. Problems with Call of Duty 5
  201. -----
  202. can burn swap magic 3.6?
  203. grand turismo 4
  204. Swap Magic & DVD+r/-r
  205. magic keys help?
  206. Would i need anything else?
  207. DVD Swap Magic on CD?
  208. Burnt discs on swap magic 3.6
  209. Can I use AR Max with Swap Magic?
  210. Please tell me if I'm right on this
  211. Best site to buy swap magic
  212. Swap Magic 3.8 on a PS3 60gb?
  213. How Do You Change DVD9 to DVD5
  214. Keep getting "Invalid PS2 Disc"
  215. Are the newest Slims compatible with flip top?
  216. Recommended DVD to use?
  217. (CD)CDLoader not working
  218. swap magic 2.00 -> 3.6
  219. Ps2 pal game doesn't work on ntsc ps2 console
  220. Cheapest Site To Buy Swap Magic
  221. Swap Magic - "Not a valid ps2 disk"
  222. Very noobie questions
  223. A few general questions.
  224. Coder question
  225. Swap Magic 3.6???
  226. Trouble with Namco X Capcom With Swap Magic 2.0 and 3.6 :(,Please Help..
  227. I have a question with Swap Magic
  228. Help with a few things!
  229. Swap magic question
  230. Galactic Wrestling Featuring Ultimate Muscle...
  231. swap magic qusetion
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  233. swap magic - wer frm?
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  235. Swap magic?
  236. Help with Swapmagic 3
  237. swap magic 3.8 question
  238. swap magic question
  239. Need help to load
  240. how can i transfer saves from ps2 memory cards to usb?
  241. swap magic pal or ntsc?
  242. PSX Backups on SwapMagic PS2s
  243. swap magic double layer?
  244. Just got my swap magic (confused)
  245. just want to confirm something
  246. Swap magic noob question
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  248. Help!!!!!! On swap magic disc
  249. Cheapest Place?
  250. Shadow of rome SMfix