May 2015 - Donation

Hi members of this community and scene a like. I would like to take a minute of your time to ask if you could please donate just a little to help towards server costs. We are facing really hard times, and as such, we are now only able to run on 1 server. By running on 1 server, it increases load times and as such, could possibly ruin your experience when viewing this forum.

In return for your donation, we will give the services below as a way to say thank you for your contribution.
  • - You will have the ads disabled version of the website.
  • - You will be given an extra user group (certified contributor).
  • - You will have the oppertunity to change your username (once only).
  • - You will be given the ability to view an entire section dedicated to contributors. This section will not be seen by those that haven't donated.
  • - You will keep your certified helper status once your donation expires.
  • - Lastly, we will give you access to the moderator section and chat box where you can talk to staff and uploader members of this community.

So why not donate and help keep PS3ISO alive!

If you've read this message, thank you. We greatly appreciate all the help you provide towards this community.

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multiMAN v2.00.00
multiMAN v2.00.00
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    install only multiman ver 2.00.00 full (20110507_200000) WT.pkg

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    Ok~Thks man~!

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    Quote Originally Posted by playstat View Post
    multiMAN ver 2.00.00 FULL (20110507_200000)

    02.00.00 -

    * Fully working XMMB display mode (XMB clone)
    * Editable options in "Settings" column of XMMB mode
    * Game Covers and Game Poster in XMMB Game column
    * Improved XMMB scrolling, speed and reliability

    * "Themes" option in "multiMAN/Home" XMMB column
    * Changed options/options_default.ini
    * Direct Boot method changed
    * SELECT+X auto-sets BD-Mirror option and is remembered
    * A lot of other stuff

    thanks do i still need to install the bdmu.pkg again??

    and do u have a new version of bdmu.pkg??

    or can i use the bdmu.pkg i installed when im on 1.17.05

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